Explore Our Selection of Premium RAM® Fishfinder Mounts

Discover the top name in fish locator mounts: RAM® Mounts.

OC Mounts is proud to be a licensed dealer of authentic RAM® Mounts hardware for all your marine electronics mounting needs. On this page, you’ll find RAM® fishfinder mounts (also known as “depth finder” mounts). These mounts are crucial for securing your fishfinder electronics to your boat, jetski, or other marine craft.

You’ll find mounts customized for specific brands and models along with mounts that have a more general-purpose design — great for fitting rare electronics or for situations where you change between different gear.

Choose RAM® for Performance, Security, and Durability

Built to Perform. All of our RAM® fishfinder mounts feature RAM®’s high-quality construction, including marine-grade aluminum and high-strength composite materials that stand up to saltwater, harsh sunlight, and fast rides on choppy seas.

A Grip that Holds. The gripping power on our depth finder mounts is unbeatable, keeping your devices safe and in their proper position without putting needless strain on the device with a poorly-designed grip system.

Adjustable & Convenient. All RAM® fish locator mounts feature user-friendly designs that offer virtually unlimited adjustability and positioning so that you can find just the right viewing angles for your particular situation. RAM® device mounts are easy to install, and many of them have a quick-release function that makes it easy to switch out gear.

Find the Right Mount at OC Mounts

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