Fishing Rod Holder Mounts

RAM® fishing rod holders are a must-have for any angler who wants a complete recreation setup on their boat. Here you’ll find our wide selection of RAM® fishing pole mounts for boats of all shapes and sizes.

  • If you’re looking for RAM® mounts for your marine electronics (such as fishfinders and radio units), visit our Marine Mounts page.

Why You Need A Fishing Rod Mount

RAM® rod holders combine convenience and efficiency. With one of our fishing rod mounts installed on your boat, you’re free to tend to other business without having to take your line out of the water. It’s an inexpensive way to get a better, more relaxed experience out on the water!

Why You Need A RAM® Mount

If you already own other RAM® mounts, you probably know this: RAM® is the best around. RAM® fishing pole mounts for boats are built to last and are proudly made right here in the USA.

RAM® uses high-quality marine-grade materials, like powder-coated aluminum and high-strength composites, that can stand up to direct sunlight, intense heat and cold, corrosive saltwater and air, engine vibrations, and choppy rides. With a RAM® rod holder mount, you can rest assured that your rod isn’t going anywhere — even with the feistiest fish biting on the end of the line. That’s confidence and peace of mind that only comes with a RAM® fishing rod mount.

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