IntelliSkin Cases with GDS Powered Docks for Galaxy 8 Tablet and other Samsung Devices

Galaxy 8 Tablet Cases

Are you looking for Galaxy tablet cases that will mold directly onto your devices to ensure a firm grip and steady docking during warehouse work? The IntelliSkin Galaxy 8 tablet cases from RAM© are the perfect match for anyone working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. This RAM© product is one of the most innovative accessories for your tech, with tons of unique performance features and durable ruggedization to withstand any situation. Discover the specifications and details on these cases with powered docks for Samsung devices here.

Features & Specifications

The IntelliSkin Galaxy 8 tablet cases feature an integrated GDS® connector that is molded with the device sleeve. It has docking contacts on the exterior for easy access to ports and workstations around your facility, as well as access to charging ports and jacks for both phones and tablets. RAM has also developed military-grade protection for Galaxy tablet cases IntelliSkin, ensuring dropping, bumping, and jostling your device doesn’t affect its performance. Shop IntelliSkin from RAM© at OC Mounts for your tablet cases to extend the life of your products.

Why Shop RAM© with Us?

At OC Mounts, we offer the largest available selection of RAM© products anywhere. When other affiliates and authorized dealers are out of stock, we’re NOT. You’ll be able to find all the accessories and support you need for a variety of devices all in one store. From IntelliSkin for Galaxy 8 tablet cases to GPS mounts for marine devices, all the RAM products you need are in stock right now.

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