Onnjo Tablet Cases

If you’re looking for tablet cases that can perform in a multitude of rugged environments, the Outer Factor tablet cases from the company formerly known as Onnjo deliver the best results. Designed and manufactured in-house by Outer Factor, these tablet cases are rugged, reliable, and incredibly mobile. With protection for your screen and all the surrounding hardware, you’ll never have to worry about dirt in the ports, cracks in the glass, or shattered backing ever again. Learn more about these high-quality device cases to find the one that fits your iPhone or Android device.

Innovative Features

Outer Factor tablet cases perform so well because of the innovative features and cutting-edge design that sets them apart. Designed in Michigan, these products deliver more than just protection. You also get a sleek, ergonomic design that makes your tablets easier to use in the field and more mobile when moving in and out of mounting hardware. Some other unique features of Onnjo tablet cases include:

  • Tested drop protection
  • Rotating kickstand
  • Optional shoulder strap
  • Precision cutouts for all ports
  • TPU cover for full-body protection
  • Removable hand strap

These tablet cases are also available with some color and logo customization to ensure a uniform and professional look for your team. Enjoy quick prototyping and a lifetime warranty for normal wear and tear.

Outer Factor at OC Mounts

In addition to mounting devices and accessories, OC Mounts is rapidly expanding to include everything you could possibly need to work in rugged environments. Shop our trusted RAM© mounts for phones and tablets before moving on to more specialized device protection with Outer Factor tablet cases today.