RAM Mount Ball Sizes A - E

RAM Mount C-Clamps & More

RAM Balls are an essential component of the RAM Mount patented design. When combined with the rugged socket arm, they provide a base that absorbs shock and vibration and maintains a sturdy hold. This type of stability is essential when you’re traveling with a valuable electronic device in a vehicle, on a boat, or in any aggressive-use environment.

There are five standard RAM Mount ball sizes, including a variety of sizes for RAM Mount C-clamps, and it’s very important to choose the right ball base if you’re assembling or repairing a mount. If you’re looking to replace a ball on a particular mount, like a clamp-on RAM Mount, you can refer to the mount’s product page to see which ball you should be using. If you’re looking to build your own assembly, you’ll need a ball that can accommodate the combined weight of the mount and the device that it holds. Explore our RAM ball mount options to find the one you need.