ROD® Components

There is no shortage of areas you can mount your rod holders. RAM ROD® offers a variety of different bases and extension arms to achieve the ideal mounting setup for your fishing rods for both boating and kayaking vessels. All rod holder components are designed to swap between type of rod holder making it easier to shop for what you need, hassle-free.

RAM ROD® HD Fishing Rod Holder with 6" Spline Post - RAP-433-NB - OC Mounts



RAM ROD® Bulkhead Vertical Base for Spline Posts - RAM-114BMU - OC Mounts


RAM ROD® Flush Base for Spline Posts - RAM-114FMU - OC Mounts


Dual T-Bolt Track Base for Spline Posts - RAP-421 - OC Mounts




The ROD® Universal Adapt-A-Post Base is the revolutionary answer to combine compatibilty across post and spline systems from ROD® Mounts, Scotty, Fish-On, Railblaza, Cannon, Brocraft, Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops. Available for all mounting locations including tracks, flat surfaces, rails and Hobie's H-Rail system, the ROD®Universal Adapt-A-Post is a true game changer. Each version of the ROD® Universal Adapt-A-Post features a quick-release button to safely disengage the rod holder as well as keep it secure while fishing out on the water.


Universal post & spline insert compatible with most brands
Quick-release mechanism for easy install and removal of rod holder
Track-base version contains locking button to prevent base from spinning loose

RAM Rod Components

Fishing Rod Tubes & More

No matter where you want to mount your fishing reels, GPS devices, and other fishing accessories, RAM Mounts has a solution for you. With a variety of RAM Mount bases, extension arms, and accessories, you can customize your setup to enhance your fishing experience with fishing rod tubes, fish finder mounts, and cup holders. Whether you’re in a boat or a kayak, OC Mounts has the RAM devices you need to achieve the ideal setup for all your mounted components. Shop everything you want in one place – hassle-free.

From Holders to Spline Post Bases

RAM Mounts strives to ensure ease of use, modular design, and compatibility across the board with all of their mounts and accessories. From fishing rod tubes and umbrella holders to spline post bases and mount extensions, you can find any accessory you need to design the most comfortable and functional boat setup. Enjoy durable, stable mounts made with high-quality marine-grade materials that can survive the harshest environments when you shop OC Mounts today.

Rod Mount Accessories for Kayaking

Once you’ve found the perfect fishing rod tube or RAM Mount base, you might be wondering if there’s anything else that can blow your day on the water right out of the water. Consider the ROD® Universal Adapt-A-Post Base. This accessory is a revolutionary solution that ensures cross-compatibility for post and spline systems from various brands, including Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Fish-On, Scotty, Brocraft, Cannon, Railblaza, and many more.

The quick-release safety button, along with the mount lock button, keeps your rod secure while allowing you to quickly disengage the holder from your rod whenever you need it. A true game-changer, we cannot recommend this base highly enough!

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