Many professionals require a laptop at their side while behind the wheel. Whether you’re a claims adjuster, fleet driver, emergency services professional, or police officer, you need to ensure that your valuable hardware remains at your side no matter how aggressive the bumps in the road may be. OC Mounts carries rugged RAM® laptop mounts for trucks, cars, emergency vehicles, vans, and more, with the following key features:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Rugged
  • Modular Components
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight and Cost-Effective Materials
  • Several Articulation Points
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RAM® No-Drill™ Laptop Mount Components

Base, Female Lower Pole, Male Upper Pole, Swingarm & Laptop or Tablet Tray:


This universal car laptop mounting system features three rigid aluminum legs that can be bent to fit your vehicle. Various configurations are available, including a double ball and socket adjustment option and a swing arm with a single ball joint option. This truck laptop mount is an ideal solution if a No-Drill™ Laptop Mount is not available for your vehicle.
No-Drill™ laptop mount base

RAM® Drill-Down™

Securely and permanently attach your laptop to your vehicle with our Drill-Down™ base. Tele-Pole™ components like optional risers and extension swing arms allow you to customize your mount to a whole new level. No matter what type of solution you’re looking for, OC Mounts delivers the most reliable, durable, and convenient RAM® laptop holders for your truck, car, or utility vehicle.

Laptop mounted in a car

RAM® Seat-Mate™

Compact, portable, amazingly strong, and no tools required are words that best describe the RAM® Seat-Mate™. Capable of transforming most passenger seats into a workstation, simply unpack this car laptop mount from the compact bag, unfold the legs, and buckle it in. With a truly innovative design, this product will actively hold onto the seat and stabilize itself. For anyone who needs a temporary mobile workstation, this mounting solution is absolutely perfect.
Laptop mount in a passenger seat

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Whether you need a laptop holder for your truck, car, van, or other vehicle, you can shop with confidence at OC Mounts. We also sell individual components like swing arms, risers, and trays if you should ever need a replacement. Each holder comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and we offer free shipping on orders over $45. Order today from OC Mounts, the industry’s leading authorized RAM Mount dealer.