If you’re looking for a device cradle that can handle varying dimensions for different phones, tablets, and other accessories, the RAM® X-Grip® mounts deliver. With their spring-loaded functionality, these device cradles can expand and contract to ensure the perfect, most secure fit. When your mount holds your devices as snugly as possible, you don’t have to worry about vibration and rattling while driving on even the roughest roads.

At OC Mounts, we carry this style of mount in sizes ranging from 7” to 12” to ensure you can find the right fit for any phone and tablet. Enjoy more versatility and strength with a mount that’s made from stainless steel and a high-strength composite. These mounts are compatible with any of RAM’s mounting bases, as well as the ball-and-socket technology that allows for nearly limitless adjustability. Explore our full collection of the X-Grip mounts below.

*The RAM® X-Grip® mount for phones and small tablets comes with a safety tether to provide added security and support.


Strong materials provide vibration resistance, and the rubber-coated grip delivers a firm hold for every device. Use the RAM® Mounts X-Grip® with a wide variety of RAM® arms and mounting bases to provide customizable solutions to your needs on the road.


One of the top mounts featuring RAM’s grip technology is the RAM® Tough-Charge™. It offers your the world’s first universal waterproof wireless charging cradle. This patented accessory features the same spring-loaded grip technology in an ‘X’ design that will expand for easy insertion of your device and contract to hold it in place. Enjoy Qi-compatible phone charging up to 10W. You may also choose to add an optional support leg that provides extra adjustment capabilities for even more viewing positions.

Phone Mounts

When you use the RAM® X-Grip phone mount with one of your phones, you can count on more than just a secured device. With this product, you also have guaranteed access to all buttons, ports, speakers, and microphones without any obstruction. Keep your device as functional as possible with a sleek, minimalist mount from RAM.

Tablet Mounts

RAM Mounts has taken their original phone X-Grip® design and reinvented it for tablets. With four additional rubber-coated grips, your tablet will be just as secure as smaller devices. Even with the added grips, the entire screen and all ports are still accessible! While a little larger than the phone mounts, you can still expect the same shock and vibration dampening in extreme environments.


All our mounts can be used outdoors and in other extreme environments when excessive wind or G-forces could affect the stability of your device. However, with RAM accessories, like the RAM® Tether, you can create a little more security for phones and tablets that measure up to 8”.


As an authorized RAM Mounts retailer, OC Mounts can provide premium quality device mounts for nearly every application. Browse forklift device mounts, police vehicle laptop mounts, and so much more.