The spring-loaded RAM® X-Grip® phone mount cradle expands and contracts to provide a perfect fit for your device. Made of high-strength composite and stainless steel, these popular phone* and tablet holders are compatible with a wide variety of RAM® mounting bases. Available for phones of all sizes and tablets ranging from 7” to 12”, these mounts secure your device while keeping it completely functional and accessible. No matter what mounting base you pair them with, their RAM® ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability and extends the life of your phone or tablet by damping. Explore the full line below.

*The RAM® X-Grip® mount for phones and small tablets includes a safety tether for added security and peace of mind.


Constructed using high-strength composites and stainless steel, the RAM® Mounts X-Grip® also features rubber-coated grips to firmly secure devices. This versatile device mount is compatible with a wide variety of RAM® arms and mounting bases, so you can take your favorite device nearly anywhere.

RAM® Tough-Charge™ with X-Grip® Technology

The RAM® Tough-Charge™ is the world's first patented, universal waterproof wireless charging cradle for phones. Designed with spring-loaded technology, this cradle features the well-known 'X' design that expands and contracts to secure nearly any phone while taking advantage of Qi-compatible wireless phone charging up to 10W. An optional support leg allows you to adjust your phone to the ideal position, aligning the wireless charging coils.

Phone Mounts

Fitting phones of all sizes, these RAM® cradles keep your device functional while in the mount. Thanks to the RAM® ball and socket system, this phone mount allows for near-infinite adjustability so you can achieve the perfect viewing angle. With the turn of a knob, quickly relocate your RAM® mount to a different application.

Tablet Mounts

The RAM® Mounts X-Grip® for tablets adds four more rubber-coated grips to the original design, keeping devices from 7” to 12” in size secure and accessible. The RAM® ball and socket system allows for near-infinite adjustability and also dampens shock and vibration, helping to reduce vibration in the most extreme environments.


For outdoor applications where excessive wind and G-force could cause movement of your device, the RAM® Tether can be an essential tool. Made of high-strength elastomeric material, this safety tether adds security and peace of mind for phones and tablets up to 8”. Replacement rubber-coated grips are also available.

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