Forklift Mounting Solutions

Give your crew the lift of a modular mounting solution

When you’re navigating your forklift along the warehouse floor, you need easy access to inventory management data and other important information. A RAM forklift mount affords you the stability and security you need for your tablet, smartphone, barcode scanner, or other essential device.

Browse our full selection of sturdy and adjustable forklift tablet mounts, like the popular RAM-101U-247-4 and RAM-B-149Z-234-6U. We also have scanner gun cradles like the RAM-HOL-QD1U and RAP-396U.

Technology Not Found Anywhere Else

RAM forklift mounts utilize a patented ball-and-socket design that promotes maximum hold and vibration reduction. Even if your forklift or pallet jack is subject to unsturdy floors or constant jolting, your device will remain firmly mounted.

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These mounts are made in the USA, and most include a lifetime warranty. Our friendly customer service team is available if you have questions or need product recommendations, and our selection is always growing. We even offer free shipping on orders over $45. Browse our full selection of forklift tablet mounts and other forklift mounting solutions, and order yours today.

Material Handling Industry // Material Handling

IntelliSkin® with GDS Tech™ for Material Handling

IntelliSkin® is a protective device case that features an integrated power connector compatible with any GDS® charging dock. This prevents damage to the device charging port and creates a universal docking platform compatible with any device wrapped with an IntelliSkin® case. IntelliSkin® ruggedizes the consumer devices that are permeating every vertical and adds functionality by simplifying the frequent docking and undocking of smartphones and tablets. IntelliSkin® and GDS™ fit into your business operations through our ability to customize a mounting solution that fits how you do business.

Proven Value

Phone Enabled Nav

Lowe's sought out a universal mounting solution for iPhone and Blackberry smartphones for their fleet of 5,200 vehicles. The smartphones serve multiple functions, including navigation and bluetooth communication. RAM® answered the challenge by providing the Universal RAM® X-Grip® phone holder with Twist-Lock Suction Cup Mount, an item that has quickly become one of the most popular products for both commercial and consumer applications. Discover how RAM® can meet the unique needs of your team today!

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We take a consultative approach with our customers. Submit your contact information and an industry-specific product specialist will contact you to review your needs and work with you to build solutions specific to your operation.