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Vehicle Tablet Mounts
RAM® Tablet Mounts are designed for the most demanding environments, and that’s why they’re trusted in warehouses, emergency vehicles, and construction sites. These mounts are secure, shock-absorbent, easy to install, and designed to protect your tablet at all times. Best of all, they’re made in the USA.
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RAM® IntelliSkin® Tablet Cases with GDS® Powered Docks

IntelliSkin for tablets provides device protection and enables advanced functionality from the shop floor to the top floor. Any device enclosed within an IntelliSkin® case is compatible with GDS® Technology. This provides scalability as devices evolve, and enables users to deploy tablets across their entire business or family with one standard for connecting.

Vehicle Tablet Mount Options

Our inventory includes a wide array of RAM Tablet Mounts, each with its own patented technologies:

RAM IntelliSkin Tablet Cases

Each of these mounts includes an IntelliSkin case compatible with GDS® Technology. Get military-grade drop protection and full GDS charging capabilities for maximum convenience. Both Apple-compatible models (like the RAM-GDS-SKIN-AP24) and Samsung-compatible models (like the RAM-GDS-SKIN-SAM21) are available.

RAM® X-Grip® Tablet Holders

The spring-loaded, four-leg design adjusts and secures your tablet to perfection. The stainless-steel construction is reinforced with soft rubber tips that provide additional protection. Popular models include the RAM-B-149Z-UN11U.

RAM® Tab-Tite™

The spring-loaded cradle is designed for simple loading and unloading. These are some of the most popular tablet mounts in our inventory because they’re powerful, affordable, and scalable. You can replace the cup ends as you change tablet devices, ensuring that you always have a perfect fit for each new device. Consider models like the RAM-HOL-TAB20U.

RAM® Tab-Lock™

These cases—like the RAM-HOL-TABL8U—are similar to the Tab-Tite models, but they also include a convenient, quick-release locking mechanism. Secure your tablet with key lock access, and enjoy maximum peace of mind.

Form-Fit Tablet Holders

The RAM form-fit cradle features the patented EZ-Roll’R™ design. It’s lightweight, low-profile, and designed to roll effortlessly over your device and lock into place from the top. Models like the RAP-B-299-4-UN8U and the RAP-299-3-UN11U are popular examples.

RAM® Tough-Tray™ II

This spring-loaded tablet case features adjustable arms that provide a secure, custom fit for tablets of varying thickness. Universal models like the RAM-234-3 are available.
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