GDS Docks for Use With Galaxy S2 RAM Mounts & More

OC Mounts carries a varied selection of GDS desktop docks and vehicle docks designed to work with your IntelliSkin sleeve. A GDS connection charges your device while also allowing for seamless data transfer. Perfect for businesses and emergency services, GDS keeps your entire network in sync. For high-use vehicles, these docks can be connected as part of an IntelliSkin and RAM Mount setup.

GDS and IntelliSkin

These GDS docks are designed so that you can effortlessly connect your device without wearing out its internal connector. Options are available for most common Samsung and Apple devices, including the Apple iPad Mini 4 (RAM-GDS-DOCK-V2-AP7U), the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (RAM-GDS-DOCK-V2-SAM35-AUD1U), and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (RAM-GDS-DOCK-V2-SAM19U). Just secure your S2 in an appropriate IntelliSkin sleeve (like the RAM-GDS-SKIN-SAM19U), fasten it to your Galaxy S2 RAM Mount, and you’re ready to hit the road with total protection.

If you can’t find a suitable option for your own model, we also carry universal options like the 6-port RAM-GDS-DOCK-6G1PU.

Compare Docks for Galaxy S2 RAM Mounts & More

As a leading authorized RAM Mounts dealer for over a decade, OC Mounts has the parts and equipment you need to protect your most valuable hardware. Compare our full selection of GDS docks, and get free shipping over $45.