RAM Mount Locking Knob Poles

OC Mounts is a premier provider of mount poles for RAM Mount systems. We carry RAM Mount locking knob poles as well as poles with flanges and swing arm plates. We also have male and female connections that are compatible with a full range of RAM Mount bases and swing arms. These poles are made from heavy-duty materials like powder-coated marine-grade aluminum, so you can complete your assembly with full confidence, knowing that your laptop, tablet, or other device is secure at all times.

Customize Your Assembly

In addition to poles, we carry an assortment of easy-removal bases, easy-adjust bases, and base risers, so you can customize your assembly according to your needs. Assembly is a breeze and usually requires no special tools or hardware. Just make sure to note the socket size, as it will need to match the socket size of your swing arm.

For maximum peace of mind, consider a RAM Mount locking knob pole. This type of pole enables you to lock down the knob, preventing theft and ensuring that your device remains right where you left it.

Order Your RAM Mount Pole

At OC Mounts, we carry the best vehicle mounting hardware, including RAM Mount poles that are rugged and made in the USA. Our customer service is second to none, and our inventory is unrivaled. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, let us know. We may have it available in our warehouse. Because we truly value your business, all orders over $45 qualify for free shipping. Find your mount pole, and order today!