Outer Factor Rugged Cases

Rugged Cases from Outer Factor

Formerly known as Onnjo, Outer Factor is the new face of the best phone cases and screen protectors to ruggedize your device. Whether you’re out in the field or rushing through a warehouse, these Onnjo rugged cases are here to enhance your efficiency with even more durability and protection for your devices. Browse our collection of Outer Factor rugged cases now to find the right fit for your device, including iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices.

Device Protection

Onnjo rugged cases are all about minimal bulk and maximum protection. Whether you need an Outer Factor rugged case for a phone or tablet, you’ll get a sleeve that’s sleek and easy to hold in any situation. From bulky work gloves to high-temperature environments, these cases won’t slip out of your hands. And even if they do, this brand guarantees powerful drop protection with bumper corners, a raised bezel face, and a lanyard attachment that will keep your device secured to your wrist or neck.

Screen Protection

Looking to keep your screen functional, readable, and crack-free? The Outer Factor rugged cases work best with their tempered glass screen protectors for even better durability. These screen protectors are made with Asahi glass from Japan and deliver a 2.5D edge profile. Enjoy high-definition visibility, as well as an anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating to protect your device. You can even upgrade your screen treatments with privacy, anti-glare, and anti-microbial protections to customize these accessories for your needs.

All Outer Factor device accessories come with a lifetime warranty to back up the performance you expect. Learn more about cases for your team when you reach out to OC Mounts today.