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GDS® Slide Dock™ Module for IntelliSkin® Products - RAM-GDS-DOCK-G7BU

RAM Mounts GDS® Slide Dock is a scalable solution for charging multiple devices at once. It is designed to be integrated into a portable charging station and provides a universal charging dock for devices of any operating system. The GDS connector has an adjustable height connector to accommodate different devices. The adjustable height settings are numbered to quickly set up for any cart or charging station. 

The dock has a USB Type A male output that can plug into an existing USB port on a cart or into the GDS 6-port USB charger. There is an LED indicator light that lets you know if your dock is connected to power.

Specs & Features
1. Adjustable height to accommodate a variety of devices
2. Slide dock module only for customized integration
3. Pogo pin contacts eliminate the need to plug in cables
4. LED indicator light lets you know your dock is connected to power 
5. Max power 5V-12V @2A*
6. USB Type A male output
7. The integrated GDS® connector makes the dock compatible with IntelliSkin® wrapped devices and provides scalability to future devices
8. 3 Year Warranty

*mUSB products supporting USB 2.0/3.0 will have a max current of 1.5A

The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag.

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