RAM® EZ-Strap™ Rail Mount with Short RAM® to Garmin Double Ball Adapter - RAP-SB-187GU


If you are looking for a mounting solution that is fast, simple, and won't mark up your handle bar, this is it. Don't waste your time looking for something better because this is the best. The RAM EZ-Strap installs in seconds and grips tubing, square rails and irregular shapes like a Python. This gem of a mount is ideally suited for smaller electronic devices like the Garmin nuvi, and other similar devices. Attach devices to your motorcycle, bicycle, atv, golf cart and more. The RAM EZ-Strap is extremely strong and low cost.

The RAM EZ-Strap, with RAM-to-Garmin short double ball, can be cut to fit tubing, square rails and irregular shapes from 0.5" to 2.58" in diameter. The EZ-Strap mount attaches directly to any Garmin GPS device with a factory mounting bracket that accommodates the Garmin "G-Ball". The overall length of the SHORT arm adapter is 1.43". This mount rotates 180 degrees.


Assembly Hardware


.5" - 2.58" diameter


RAM Snap-Link (3/4")


.5 lb


High strength composite


Poly Bag


0.17 lbs.


nuvi 1695

nuvi 1200

nuvi 1250

nuvi 1260T

nuvi 1300

nuvi 1300LM

nuvi 1340T

nuvi 1350

nuvi 1350LMT

nuvi 1350T

nuvi 1370T

nuvi 1390LMT

nuvi 1390T

nuvi 1450

nuvi 1450LMT

nuvi 1450T

nuvi 1490LMT

nuvi 1490T

nuvi 1690

nuvi 1695

nuvi 200

nuvi 200W

nuvi 205

nuvi 205W

nuvi 2200

nuvi 2250

nuvi 2250LT

nuvi 2300

nuvi 2300LM

nuvi 2350

nuvi 2350LMT

nuvi 2350LT

nuvi 2360LMT

nuvi 2360LT

nuvi 2370LT

nuvi 250

nuvi 250W

nuvi 255

nuvi 255W

nuvi 255W

nuvi 260

nuvi 260W

nuvi 265T

nuvi 265WT

nuvi 270

nuvi 275T

nuvi 285WT

nuvi 295W

uvi 300

nuvi 300T

nuvi 310

nuvi 310T

nuvi 350

nuvi 360

nuvi 360T

nuvi 370

nuvi 370T

nuvi 3750

nuvi 3760LMT

nuvi 3760T

nuvi 3790

nuvi 3790LMT

nuvi 3790T

nuvi 465T

nuvi 500

nuvi 5000

nuvi 510

nuvi 550

nuvi 600

nuvi 610

nuvi 650

nuvi 660

nuvi 670

nuvi 680

nuvi 710

nuvi 750

nuvi 755T

nuvi 760

nuvi 765T

nuvi 760T

nuvi 770

nuvi 775T

nuvi 780

nuvi 785T

nuvi 850

nuvi 855

nuvi 860

nuvi 880

nuvi 885T

StreetPilot c530

StreetPilot c550

StreetPilot c580

StreetPilot i2

StreetPilot i3

StreetPilot i5

zumo 220

zumo 660

zumo 665

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