RAM Safe-T-Charge™ Battery Protection System - RAM-234-VCP1

The RAM Safe-T-Charge is feature rich and affordable making it the best choice in protecting your vehicle or boat’s electrical system and battery. With multiple configurations available through onboard dip switches, the Safe-T-Charge can be configured to shut down connected devices either by a trigger coming from the ignition of the vehicle or by sensing a drop in the DC voltage below a level capable of starting your engine. Easily select a predetermined duration of time to have your connected devices shut down to assure you will always be able to start your vehicle. The RAM Safe-T-Charge offers a audible tone starting five minutes before the timer shuts off power to your devices, and continuing every minute until the power is shut down. The on board over-ride switch enables the user to by pass the timed shut off feature in the case of an emergency or other event which requires immediate access to device power. 

L x W x H = (95 mm/3.74”) x (80mm/3.15”) x (32mm/1.26”)

ABS, flame retardant plastic construction 

1. Water-proof for use in marine environments 
2. 30AMP Rating 
3. 24V jump start protection 

1. Battery + 12V input terminal 
2. Output terminal (More outputs can be connected by overlapping the wires and fastening.) 
3. Ground terminal 
4. IGN terminal 
5. Over ride switch 
6. Timer start LED 
7. Selector for DC or IGN sense 
8. 3-dip switch for time set 
9. Mounting holes 
10. Sticker on turning cover for indication of time setting 

Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display.

0.6 lbs.

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