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RAM Snap-Con™ with Integrated USB 2.0 Cable - RAM-GDS-AD2U

Managing cables can be a challenge as can be keeping your device charged while on the go. The RAM
®Mounts Snap-Con is compatible with any device in an IntelliSkin® and provides power through an integrated USB 2.0 cable. This integrated solution enables users to sync their mobile devices for updates as well. 

The integrated USB 2.0 cable makes charging your device while on the go possible. Pair the Snap-Con portable charging cord with the Snap-Con stand for a light-weight desktop charging solution. 

- Integrated Type-A USB 2.0 cable
- Max power 5V-12V@2A*
- 1.2m cable with USB 2.0 connection

1. Snap-Con adaptor is a low cost solution for charging any GDS® compatible device 
2. Add the ability to charge and connect any GDS compatible device with a standard Micro USB 2.0 cable 
3. Offers a low cost solution for charging and connecting GDS compatible devices, including devices wrapped in IntelliSkin 
4. Low profile design makes this accessory a perfect travel companion 
5. Unique Snap-Con latching system provides a secure and reliable connection 

High Strength Composite 

The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. 3 year warranty on electronics. 
*mUSB products supporting USB 2.0/3.0 will have a max current of 1.5A 


0.17 lbs.

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