RAM® Vent-Temp™ with Front Dock Connection for Rectangular Vents - RAM-VENT2-RCT-50U

This RAM® Vent-Temp™ temperature module accessory (RAM-VENT2-RCT-50U) installs to the front of any RAM® or GDS® dock and attaches to rectangular A/C vents using included zip ties. This version of the RAM® Vent-Temp™ directs air produced by your vehicle's A/C system to either cool, or heat up the front of the docked phone or tablet. This is ideal for environments where the tablet needs to be cooled off or heated up to maintain operating temperatures during critical work functions, or to defrost the front of the device to keep your touchscreen operable. When installed correctly and vent cover is attached to a rectangular air vent, both the hose adapter and front dock attachment feature integrated magnets for easy break-away when the RAM® Vent-Temp™ is not needed, or gets caught on something that could tug on the hose. The 50" included flexible hose can be cut to the desired length of reach from vent to dock.

  • Temperature regulating accessory designed to install on the bottom of RAM® and GDS® docks with airflow pointed towards the front of a docked tablet
  • Directs cold or hot air from the vehicle's A/C system towards the front of the docked tablet using a 50"-long flexible hose attachment; hose can be cut for desired length
  • Both ends of the hose attachment include integrated magnetic adapters allowing for quick-disconnect from the dock and from the vent adapter
  • Includes rectangular vent adapter covering a surface area of 2.72" x 4.77"
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

(3) 7" Zip Ties
(2) #4-40 x 3/4" Screws
(2) #4-40 x 7/8" Screws
(2) #4-40 x 1" Screws
(2) #4-40 x 1 1/4" Screws

Dock Connection: 2-Hole 1.47", 2-Hole 2", 2-Hole 2.56"

Vent Connector: 2.72" x 4.77"

Powder coated steel
High strength composite

Poly Bag

0.5 lb

This product does not actively regulate the temperature of the air flowing over the device. Please take care in maintaining a proper operating temperature for your device.

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