RAM® X-Grip® Large Phone Mount with Vibe-Safe™ & Small Tough-Claw™ - RAM-HOL-UN10-462-400

The RAM® X-Grip® Large Phone Mount with Vibe-Safe & Small Tough-Claw (RAM-HOL-UN10-462-400) is a combination of the RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount with Low-Profile Small Tough-Claw and the RAM® Vibe-Safe—our vibration damping accessory is designed to protect electronic devices from a wide range of vibration frequencies. The RAM® X-Grip® can rotate between portrait and landscape by loosening the center screw. With the RAM® Tough-Claw base, easily attach the RAM® X-Grip® with RAM® Vibe-Safe on round, square, and odd-shaped rails and bars ranging from .625” to 1.14” in outer diameter.

This product comes with an optional device tether that is recommended for outdoor applications. The holder is compatible with handheld devices that will fit the dimensions listed below, it is important to verify the dimensions of your handheld device with a case/sleeve/skin when determining the overall size.


  • RAM® Vibe-Safe dampens a wide range of vibration frequencies

  • Made of high-strength composite and stainless steel hardware for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments

  • Unique structure and thoughtfully designed with all industries in mind

  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

(1) Optional Tether
(1) Glue Tube for Rubber Caps

Width Range: 1.75" - 4.5"
Depth Range: .875" max

1" - 1.6" diameter

High strength composite
Stainless steel


  • iPhone 6s Plus

  • iPhone 7 Plus

  • iPhone 8 Plus

  • iPhone Xs Max

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • iPhone 14 Plus

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max


  • Evolve X


  • BV9900

  • BV9900 Pro


  • S42

  • S62

  • S 62 Pro


  • Drive 50

  • Drive 51 LM

  • Drive 52

  • Drive 61 LM

  • DriveSmart 51 LMT-S

  • DriveSmart 61 LMT-S

  • DriveTrack 71

  • Nuvi 2788LM

  • RV 660LMT

  • RV 770 LMT-S


  • Pixel 2 XL

  • Pixel 3 XL

  • Pixel 3a XL

  • Pixel 7 Pro


  • Bolt

  • U Ultra


  • Mate 20 x


  • DuraSport 5G


  • Fiesta 2 LTE

  • Fiesta LTE

  • G8S ThinQ

  • Harmony

  • Stylo 2 V

  • Stylo 3

  • Stylo 3 Plus Titan

  • Stylo 4

  • V20

  • V50 ThinQ

  • X charge

  • X venture


  • TR5

  • TR7


  • moto e4 plus

  • moto g4

  • moto z2

  • moto z2 play

  • moto z3


  • McNally Road Explorer 5

  • McNally TND 540


  • Phone 2


  • Galaxy A7

  • Galaxy A7 (2017)

  • Galaxy A7 (2018)

  • Galaxy A8

  • Galaxy A8 (2016)

  • Galaxy A9 (2016)

  • Galaxy A9 Pro (2016)

  • Galaxy A9 (2018)

  • Galaxy A70

  • Galaxy A80

  • Galaxy A90 5G

  • Galaxy C7

  • Galaxy C7 Pro

  • Galaxy C9 Pro

  • Galaxy E7

  • Galaxy Grand Neo Plus

  • Galaxy J7

  • Galaxy J7 Max

  • Galaxy J7 V

  • Galaxy Note 5

  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus

  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra

  • Galaxy On7

  • Galaxy S10 5G

  • Galaxy S8

  • Galaxy S8 Active

  • Galaxy S21 5G

  • Galaxy S21+ 5G

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

  • Galaxy S23+

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra


  • RS60


  • Xperia C4

  • Xperia L2

  • Xperia XA Ultra

  • Xperia XA1 Ultra

  • Xperia XA2 Ultra

  • Xperia XZ Premium

A reduction in vibration does not guarantee full protection of device. External immeasurable factors may cause damage to phones, cameras, and other devices while mounted in the RAM® Vibe-Safe. National Products, Inc does not assume responsibility or liability for any such personal injury, death or property damage. RAM® mounts lifetime warranty is limited to RAM® mounts and components. The warranty does not include any device mounted or attached to a RAM® mount, such as a phone, GPS, camera, computer or other device.

Instructions PDF Icon RAM® Vibe-Safe™ Assembly Instructions Documents PDF Icon Buyer's Guide for RAM® Vibe-Safe

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