RAM Tab-Lock & Tab-Tite Mounts

When you have to secure your tablet for rugged use, you need all the strength and stability of RAM. RAM Mounts are the toughest mounting tools on the market, trusted by commercial fishermen, emergency services professionals, warehouse personnel, and many others. RAM Tab-Lock and Tab-Tite mounts were designed especially for tablets, so you can secure them effortlessly no matter what your life or vocation demands. We have a wide range of models designed for specific tablets, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we also have universal tablet mounts designed for specific size ranges. Our inventory also includes individual parts like docks, cup ends, and risers.

RAM Tab-Lock vs Tab-Tite

The Tab-Lock and Tab-Tite devices are both designed with RAM’s one-of-a-kind spring-loaded cradle for easy attachment and release on the fly. The specially designed cup ends make it easy to access all of your ports and enjoy full, uninterrupted use of your tablet. Many models even include a GDS docking mechanism for a seamless connection to the workplace. Best of all, the high-strength composite material ensures that your tablet is able to hold up against vibrations, drops, and any unexpected surprises.

Both the Tab-Lock and Tab-Tite models offer everything needed for total security. The biggest difference between the two models is that the Tab-Lock models are locking tablet mounts. They come equipped with a state-of-the-art, anti-theft locking system for maximum security. So if you need the added reassurance, Tab-Lock can afford you extra peace of mind.

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