Doubling down on our “universal first” approach, radio communication devices of all kind benefit from the patented RAM® Finger-Grip™ equipped with adjustable and movable “fingers” to modify the grip of the holder to accommodate various sizes of handheld radios. All of our microphone accessories have been designed to complement our modular product by containing matching hole patterns, different sizes and lengths and bracket configurations for a truly custom mounting solution with peripheral add-on potential.


Different finger sizes to accommodate different device thicknesses
Multiple slotted holes to accommodate buttons and ports
Rubber caps to create friction and firm grip against device
Made of high-strength composities for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments




Mounting CB radios is a common challenge. Make it easier with the adjustability of the RAM® Mounts system. Utilizing either the included gimbal bracket, or pre-drilled mounting holes on the bottom of the radio, simply install various RAM® ball adapters to pair with a mounting base that suits your vehicle. There is also no need to drill into vehicle to install the unit if you don’t want to—RAM® has a variety of bases free of permanently altering your vehicle.


Double ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability of your RAM® mounting system
Holds strong against any windshield or non-porous surface
Patented RAM® Twist-Lock™ suction design
Toolless installation for convenient installation, transfer and removal of base

Midland has trusted RAM® Mounts for years. Now partnered up for the long haul, Midland offers complete kits for select CB radios and handheld devices—not to mention all Midland radios are RAM® Compatible™. In an effort to offer more products without the need to drill into your vehicle, see the RAM® ToughWedge™ and RAM® Twist-Lock™ suction cup mounts. Our drill-down mounts can even be paired with MOLLE panels and Expedition Essentials dashboard cages to stay away from the vehicle’s dash panel.