RAM Rod Holder Mounts


At OC Mounts, we’re here to deliver every kind of RAM Mount – including RAM rod holder mounts! This extensive line of fishing rod holders is great for anyone who enjoys kayak fishing or fishing off a smaller boat. Learn more about what our RAM Mount rod holders have to offer avid fishermen that are all about the days out on the water.

RAM Rod®


Fits spinning reels and baitcasters

Locking latch for added security

Quick one handed insertion and removal



Clean, low profile design

Reversible tube supports spinning reels and baitcasters

Form-factor notches lock fishing rods in place

RAM Rod® Jr


Clean, low profile design

Optional GoPro mounting point

Rubber strap secure fishing rods in place

(3 QTY) RAM 12 Volt Lighter Receptacle Faceplate - RAM-FP2-CIG3 - OC Mounts

(3 QTY) RAM 12 Volt Lighter Receptacle Faceplate - RAM-FP2-CIG3


$41.82 $47.49


1/4-20 X 1 1/4" ID X 2 1/2" STST U-BOLT - RAM-SU2512U - OC Mounts

1/4-20 X 1 1/4" ID X 2 1/2" STST U-BOLT - RAM-SU2512U


$4.49 $4.99

Every Type of Rod

No matter what type of rod you have, baitcasting, trolling, or spinning, one of the RAM Mount rod holders could be the right one for you. Explore the features of each rod holder to discover how to optimize your fishing experience. Some of these rod holder mounts offer a locking latch for extra support and security and one-handed insertion for removal of your fishing rod. Other features you can expect from these accessories include:

All of our rods holders are made of high-quality composite for strength and durability.

Enhanced Compatibility

In addition to rod holder mounts, OC Mounts also carries a series of compatible accessories to enhance your fishing experience. You may choose to pair our mounts with a Universal Adapt-A-Post™ that works with all post and spline systems from RAM® Mounts, as well as rods from Bass Pro Shops, Scotty, Railblaza, Fish-On, Railblaza, Cabela’s, Cannon, and Brocraft.

Reach out to us today to learn more about ordering a rod mount for your seafaring vehicle!