RAM 1.5" Ball Mount with 6.25" X 2" Rectangle Base, Double Socket Arm & Track Ball™ Base - RAM-111B-354-TRA1U

RAM Marine Electronic 1.5” Ball Mount (RAM-111B-354-TRA1U)

The RAM® Track Ball™ Marine Electronic Mount (RAM-111B-354-TRA1U) is a high-quality mount for your marine equipment. RAM® Mounts are the best in the industry for holding your devices securely in place despite rough waters, high winds, and engine vibrations.

When it comes to protecting your electronics on the water, accept no substitute! RAM® Mounts are the way to go!

Perfect for Most Marine Electronics

The RAM-111B-354-TRA1U uses rustproof marine-grade aluminum and supports marine devices like the Garmin ECHOMAP and Striker Plus, and many other fishfinders, chartplotters, radios, and much more.

This mount is also highly adjustable, giving you the control you need to get viewing angles that work no matter your shape, size, or viewing position.

Specs At-a-Glance

  • Ball Size: C (1.5”, can hold up to 4 lbs.)
  • Arm Size: Medium (4.66” socket-to-socket length)
  • Plate Size: 6.25” x 2”
  • Height: 7.5”
  • Double Socket Arm

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Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum and High Strength Composite 

Ball Size: 
1.5" Rubber Ball Size

RAM® double socket arms with their distinctive Hourglass Shape are designed and recognized to provide the best possible performance for most any application. The Hourglass Shape is a registered trademark of National Products Inc.


1.2 lbs.

Extruded Aluminum Tough-Track

17" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-17U17" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-17U

5" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-5U5" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-5U

9" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-9U9" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-9U

13" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-13U13" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-13U

3" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-3U3" Modular Aluminum Tough-Track™ - RAM-TRACK-EXA-3U

Top-Loading Composite Tough-Track

RAM Black Bond-A-Base™ For Inflatable Rafts with Tough-Track™ - RAP-398-BLK-TRACK-AURAM Black Bond-A-Base™ For Inflatable Rafts with Tough-Track™ - RAP-398-BLK-TRACK-AU

RAM Grey Bond-A-Base™ For Inflatable Rafts with Tough-Track™ - RAP-398-GRY-TRACK-AURAM Grey Bond-A-Base™ For Inflatable Rafts with Tough-Track™ - RAP-398-GRY-TRACK-AU

Top-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 14.5" - RAP-TRACK-A12UTop-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 14.5" - RAP-TRACK-A12U

Top-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 4.75" - RAP-TRACK-A3UTop-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 4.75" - RAP-TRACK-A3U

Top-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 7" - RAP-TRACK-A5UTop-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 7" - RAP-TRACK-A5U

Top-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 3.75" - RAP-TRACK-A2UTop-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 3.75" - RAP-TRACK-A2U

Top-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 18.5" - RAP-TRACK-A16UTop-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 18.5" - RAP-TRACK-A16U

Top-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 10.75" - RAP-TRACK-A9UTop-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ Overall Length: 10.75" - RAP-TRACK-A9U

End-Loading Composite Tough-Track

16" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-16U16" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-16U

30" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-30U30" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-30U

3" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-3U3" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-3U

8" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-8U8" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-8U

38" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-38U38" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-38U

12" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-12U12" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-12U

24" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-24U24" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-24U

4" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-4U4" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-4U

20" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-20U20" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-20U

6" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-6U6" End-Loading Composite Tough-Track™ - RAP-TRACK-DR-6U


  • ECHOMAP Plus 72cv

    ECHOMAP Plus 73cv

    ECHOMAP Plus 74cv

    ECHOMAP Plus 75cv

    ECHOMAP Plus 77cv



    GPSMAP 722

    GPSMAP 722xs

    GPSMAP 723

    GPSMAP 723xsv

    GPSMAP 742

    GPSMAP 742xs

    GPSMAP 743

    GPSMAP 743xsv

    Striker Plus 5cv

    Striker Vivid 5cv

    Striker Plus 7cv

    Striker Plus 7sv

    Striker Vivid 5cv

    Striker Vivid 7cv

    Striker Vivid 7sv


    HDS Carbon 7

    HDS LIVE 7 

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