Woman using a tablet in her vehicle

How to Find the Best Universal Tablet Holders for Your Vehicle

August 10, 2021

Universal tablet holders make sense over model-specific ones for a couple of reasons:

  • You can use more than one tablet in the same mount, perfect for vehicles with multiple drivers and/or passengers.
  • You probably won’t have to replace the mount if you replace your tablet.
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semi-truck on a road

The Best Phone Holders for Semi Trucks

July 26, 2021

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GPS device mounted on a car dashboard

Our Top 5 RAM® GPS Mounts for Your Vehicle

May 27, 2021

At OC Mounts, we are proud to stock a wide variety ofRAM® GPS mounts, and today we are looking at our top 5 mounts for Garmin devices.
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Father and son fishing

Celebrate Dad with Outdoor Gift Ideas from OC Mounts

May 27, 2021

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to genuinely thank the dedicated fathers in our lives. But it can be tricky to find the right gift for the dad who seems to have everything. Thankfully, OC Mounts has got you covered with an extensive selection of authorized RAM® device mounts.
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Man riding a motorcycle

Exploring the Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts

March 05, 2021

Whether you’re installing a phone mount on your bike for the first or are replacing an existing mount, OC Mounts has you covered. We’re here today to show you our best motorcycle cell phone mounts.

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phone mounted in car cup holder

Best Heavy-Duty Phone Mounts for Delivery Drivers

February 08, 2021

With COVID-19 making delivery drivers more essential than ever, everyone who spends a significant amount of time in their car or truck must have access to sturdy, reliable phone mounts. With vibration resistance and tons of adjustability, OC Mounts has some of the best mounts available to help drivers stay on track with orders, addresses, and more.

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A police vehicle pulling another vehicle over

How Laptop Mounts for Police Cars Have Changed Police Work

January 06, 2021

At OC Mounts, we are proud to sell authentic RAM® Mounts laptop mounts for police cars. Today’s police departments depend heavily on their digital capabilities out in the field, and the vehicle laptop workstation has become a pillar of modern law enforcement. Without continual use of their computers, there are many vital tasks that police officers wouldn’t be able to do, causing delays, inefficiency, and even danger.

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car interior with man’s hand on the wheel

How to Get the Job Done Anywhere With Device Mounts

December 03, 2020

Whether you have a career that requires working in the field or you’re choosing to work from your car while traveling, you can get your job done from anywhere with the proper technology and accessories. At OC Mounts, we know all about the gear you need to be successful on the go. Explore our blog today to learn more about working on the road.

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police car with automotive laptop mount

How Vehicle Laptop Mounts Improve Your Productivity

November 05, 2020

There are a number of industries that require laptops and tablets mounted within their vehicles. If you’re in a career where you need to be working out of your car — like a police officer, trucker, or utility service technician — an automotive laptop mount can improve your efficiency and productivity. Read this blog from the experts at OC Mounts to learn more about how a vehicle-mounted device can make your work easier, quicker, and more effective.

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A boater relaxes and drinks out on the open water.

How Outdoor Technology Helps You Have Fun While Social Distancing

October 01, 2020

The health experts have been clear: the more people follow social distancing guidelines and public safety measures like mask-wearing, the sooner we can get this pandemic behind us. So we all have to do our part.

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Two anglers in a boat that needs a fish finder on a RAM marine mount

How Electronics Have Changed Outdoor Adventure

March 10, 2020

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Fishing rods trailing line off the rear of a boat as it moves through the water

The Best GPS Mount & More: Top 5 Civilian Uses for Tech Mounts

February 05, 2020

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