RAM Level Cup™ Drink Holder with Koozie & Double Socket Arm - RAP-B-132B-201U

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16oz Motorcycle Drink Holder with Double-Socket Arm

Never spill your drink again with the RAM® Level Cup™ 16oz motorcycle drink holder. This clever design is a favorite around the country. It uses a simple principle of physics to keep your drink from spilling even on rough rides, fast turns, or sudden stops.

It works great in cars, pickups, and big rigs, but we particularly recommend it for motorcycles, ATVs, and boats!


The RAM® Level Cup is compatible with cups, cans, bottles, and mugs ranging from 2.5" to 3.5" in diameter.

This motorcycle drink holder includes a RAM® drink koozie to thermally insulate your beverage and provide additional damping. The holder also features an integrated eyelet and a hook to provide optional tethering.

The base is a Size B (1”) RAM® rubber ball, which permits attachment to any RAM® Mount with a Size B ball base. The holder itself has a medium-length double socket arm and offers nearly unlimited adjustability, so you can position it wherever is most convenient.

How It Works

The RAM® Level Cup is “self-leveling.” Essentially, it hangs freely, which means that no matter what types of acceleration you experience, it will tilt in exactly the right way so that your drink stays in its container. There’s no special motor or anything: it’s pure physics!

Yes, it even works on open drinks like mugs of coffee!

Your drink might still splash a little if you have a lot of chaotic motion, turbulence, or free-falls, so in those cases, you should still use a lid on your drink or make sure the mug isn’t completely full.

Carry Your Drink in Style

This drink holder is exactly what you need to keep your beverages safe and secure on those wild rides. Order yours today and get free shipping on orders over $25!

High Strength Composite 

Ball Size:
1" Rubber "B" Ball Size 

The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. 

0.65 lbs.


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