RAM® Universal D Size Ball Mount with Long Arm for 9"-12" Fishfinders and Chartplotters - RAM-D-115-E

This RAM® universal fishfinder and chartplotter mount (RAM-D-115-E) gives you a secure and stable way to display your marine devices right where you need them. The D-size ball supports loads of up to 6 lbs.

This universal mount is easy to install and contains different combinations of pre-drilled holes to accommodate many different brands and models. Additional holes may be drilled as needed.

Universal Fishfinder Mount Features

The RAM-D-115-E fishfinder/chartplotter mount is highly adaptable with the following features:

  • D-size ball has a diameter of 2.25”, allowing loads of up to 6 lbs.
  • Long arm is a direct fit for 9” to 12” gimbal brackets
  • Highly functional and tall with an overall height of 15.2” (socket-to-socket 11.41”)
  • Marine electronic plate measures 6.25” by 2”

This mount supports devices such as the Garmin GPSMAP 7407 and Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch, along with many others. You also have the option of getting the Hi-Torq Wrench for extra tightening and the RAM® Large Cable Manager for better cable control at the wheel.

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No matter how rough the waters or how fast the speed of your boat, you can count on RAM® to keep your devices right where they’re supposed to be. Sturdy, durable, and reliable, all RAM® mounts are built to withstand vibration, shaking, and bumps in the choppiest waves. Order your own RAM® fishfinder/chartplotter mount today and get free shipping on orders over $25.

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Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum 

Ball Size: 
2.25" Rubber "D" Ball Size 

The 6.25" x 2" rectangle base is a universal mounting bracket with a selection of mounting hole locations. In certain applications additional holes may need to be drilled for proper fit with your electronic device.

  • Garmin
  • GPSMAP 8410
  • GPSMAP 8410xsv
  • GPSMAP 8412
  • GPSMAP 8412xsv
  • GPSMAP 8416
  • GPSMAP 8416xsv
  • GPSMAP 8610
  • GPSMAP 8610xsv
  • GPSMAP 8612
  • GPSMAP 8612xsv
  • GPSMAP 8616
  • GPSMAP 8616xsv
  • GPSMAP 922
  • GPSMAP 922xs
  • GPSMAP 923
  • GPSMAP 923xsv
  • GPSMAP 942
  • GPSMAP 942xs
  • GPSMAP 943
  • GPSMAP 943xsv
  • GPSMAP 1223
  • GPSMAP 1223xsv
  • GPSMAP 1243
  • GPSMAP 1243xsv
  • echoMAP Chirp 72-95 Series
  • ECHOMAP Plus 72-97 Series
  • ECHOMAP UHD 62-95 Series
  • ECHOMAP Ultra 102sv
  • ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv
  • Striker Plus 9sv
  • Striker Vivid 9sv
  • Fishfinders and GPS Chartplotters
  • Lowrance
  • Elite FS 7
  • Elite FS 9
  • HDS Carbon 7
  • HDS LIVE 9
  • HDS LIVE 12
  • Hook Reveal 7 Series
  • Hook Reveal 9 Series
  • HOOK-9
  • Fishfinders and GPS Chartplotters
  • Humminbird
  • Fishfinders and GPS Chartplotters
  • Raymarine
  • Fishfinders and GPS Chartplotters

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