Universal No-Drill™ Vehicle Mount for heavy duty trucks with round AMPS plate. - RAM-VB-168-RO1

  • This RAM® Mounts vehicle laptop mount was designed specifically for heavy duty trucks with rounds AMPs plates.
  • The swing arm is built with two points of articulation for a total of 12 inches of reach — perfect for driver or passenger access.
  • RAM® 's patented ball-and-socket joint reduces shock and drastically limits unwanted vibrations.
  • No-Drill™ design means that no permanent modifications are needed to install this laptop mount!

As it becomes more and more vital to have a laptop or other smart device with you when you are at a job site or on the road, you need to have a device mount that offers the most flexibility with the least amount of effort to install it. This mount installs quickly and provides the driver or the passenger with easy access to their smart devices with almost no vibration. Order yours from OC Mounts today!

20 lbs.

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