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Find the RAM Mount Ball Sizes You Need

OC Mounts proudly sells all RAM Mount ball sizes. RAM Mount A-Size balls are the smallest, measuring 9/16” (0.56”) in diameter. A-Size balls can hold loads up to 8 ounces (½ pound).

Use Ball Joints for Maximum Flexibility

RAM Mount ball joints are at the heart of many of our mounting systems. Ball joints give you two dimensions of movement — side-to-side control and up-and-down control — for the positioning of your devices.

This level of control is ideal for any situation where different people use the same device but need different positioning, including private operators as well as public safety personnel and commercial vehicles.

RAM ball joints are precision engineered for tight tolerances and high quality. This means smooth motion, a strong grip, and no slippage.

Looking for Other RAM Mount Ball Sizes?

In addition to RAM Mount A-Size balls, we stock all the other RAM ball sizes as well:

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