RAM Mount 2.25” Balls

OC Mounts stocks a broad selection of RAM Mount 2.25” balls, or D-Size. These sturdy ball joints are quite large and can support loads as great as 6 pounds. This makes the RAM Mount D-Size suitable for virtually all laptops and other devices of similar size.

RAM ball joints are carefully built to high quality standards, so you get the best performance: a good grip on your device, smooth motion, and no unwanted slippage.

RAM Ball Joints Give You Full Motion Control

RAM Mount 2.25” ball joints give you both side-to-side and up-and-down motion control. This means you can position your devices much more ergonomically than with a simple swivel joint. Some of our kits even offer double joints for true 3-dimensional motion.

Having this kind of control is especially helpful if you’re using the same device in multiple positions, or if multiple people are using the same device at different times, such as in first responder vehicles or commercial fleet vehicles.

Need Other Ball Sizes?

As well as our stock of RAM Mount D-Size balls, OC Mounts carries all of the other RAM ball sizes:

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