iPad Holders (RAM ® EZ-Roll'r ™)

These form-fit holders are designed to fit your device perfectly for a low-profile mounting solution. The patented roller design allows for easy docking and removal of the tablet without fumbling around. Modified versions of these holders include combo and key-locking features for theft deterrence as well as a holder for the Apple Pencil.


Patented roller design protects device and makes the insertion & removal of the tablet easy
Multiple hole patterns allow your iPad to be centered in portrait or landscape mode
Integrated Apple Pencil holder for select models

RAM ® X-Grip® for iPads

The RAM® X-Grip® for tablets is the most durable universal holder on the market. The spring-loaded arms expand and contract to provide a perfect fit for your iPad with or without a case. Available for iPads of all sizes, the RAM® X-Grip® holder secures your device from all angles while keeping it completely functional and accessible. No matter what mounting base you pair the RAM® X-Grip® with, the RAM® ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability and extends the life of your iPad with vibration damping capabilites.


Steel spring-loaded arms keep tablets secure
Highly adjustable to support tablets in portrait and landscape mode
Additional grip handles for convenient insertion and removal
Fits all tablets 7” - 12” with or without a case

RAM ® Tab-Tite ™ & Tab-Lock™

The RAM® Tab-Tite™ spring-loaded, quick release holder offers a secure fit with easy access to the mounted iPad. The spring-loaded design makes it easy to insert and remove your tablet, while keeping it secure in a variety of applications. The custom end cups are designed to optimize the functionality of your iPad, enabling access to all buttons, ports, and iPad functions. For harsh environments and theft deterrence, our RAM® TabLock™ includes a keyed locking system. The RAM® Tab-Tite™ holder offers configurations compatible with any iPad.


Interchangeable cups support any tablet
Adjustable to secure all tablets
Supports tablets in portrait and landscape mode
Locking mechanism for theft deterrence