RAM Snap-Link

OC Mounts carries a varied selection of RAM Snap-Link mounts for phones, small tablets, and handheld GPS devices. These car and truck mounts are similar to RAM’s popular 1” ball mounts but feature a smaller 3/4-inch design. Made from durable composite plastic, these mounts are specially designed to provide a stable hold for your device while taking up minimal space.

These assemblies don’t use traditional extended arms, so they’re perfect for areas in which near-flush mounting is required. For example, some modern vehicles contain sloping windshields that create a diamond shape between the glass and the dash. This type of build can’t always accommodate a traditional RAM mount, and that’s where the Snap-Link comes in. The cradle attaches directly to the base—requiring only an inch or two of space. The mount may also be modified with a short-arm connector. Because it doesn’t contain a flywheel, it remains perfectly stationary in the position in which you set it.

Order RAM Mount Snap-Link Assemblies and Components

OC Mounts carries complete RAM Snap-Link systems as well as individual parts like base components, ball components, connector parts, short arm connectors, and mounting assemblies. We have universal models as well as vehicle- and device-specific models. If you’re not sure which option is ideal for you, please reach out to our friendly customer service team, and we’ll be happy to assist you. You can also refer to our vehicle selector tool to find the right parts for your needs.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $45, and we’re proud to offer premium products from RAM, the industry leader for rugged vehicle mounts. Order yours today.