Mobile Technologies for First Responders

August 04, 2022

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First Responder Cell Phones & More

We all know 1st responders as the people who show up on the scene in case of an emergency. Whether it’s firefighters, EMTs, or police officers, they’re the ones you can trust to take control of a situation when something goes wrong. From medical emergencies to accidents or violent crimes, first responders are trained to handle anything! In some cities, first responders include social workers, mental health practitioners, and other support positions that deliver critical care in life or death situations.

But people aren’t the only part of this equation. Specially designed tech and accessories have an important role to play for first responders, as it helps them communicate with their team and provide status updates to waiting personnel. So, what type of first responder technologies are the most important? And how does this tech help them do their job better? Find out more when you read this blog from the mobile tech experts!

Vehicle Mounted Laptops

Most ambulances and police cars have some sort of laptop in the vehicle to help them complete critical tasks. They might be communicating with their dispatch team or uploading reports to their database – all through a laptop mounted inside their vehicle. Mobile computer technology helps first responders stay connected, no matter where their work takes them.

Hand in hand with a laptop comes the laptop mount. You can’t have first responders jostling about in the cab of a vehicle trying to type with a computer in their lap! They need a stable support system with multiple viewing angles and adjustability for functional support and control. With an accessory like the RAM no drill laptop mount, any mounted device is secure during emergency situations.

GPS & Location First Responder Technologies


Part of a first responder’s job may be locating the person who requires assistance. Unfortunately, not all emergencies happen on an easily navigable road. Sometimes, first responders have to venture into the wilderness to render assistance. In these cases, first responder GPS technologies are critical for navigation, as well as tracking. A GPS device will help a first responder find the person in need of assistance and ensure their dispatch team knows where they are at all times.

Whether the responders are on a boat, in a helicopter, or driving off-road vehicles, a durable GPS mount that can handle the bumps and bruises of unpredictable routes is critical.

First Responder Cell Phones & Tablets

Each device a first responder has serves a specific purpose. While laptops and most GPS devices are meant to be used inside a vehicle, what happens when a first responder needs a more portable device to take with them on location. In these cases, first responder cell phones and tablets are key.

When these devices are mounted in their vehicle with a phone or tablet mount, there needs to be a way to quickly and easily remove and reinsert devices as situations dictate. With mounts that have adjustable, gripping cradles, sliding various devices in and out of their semi-permanent position is a breeze.

AI & Machine Learning

ambulance en route

As our world evolves and creates new devices, first responder technologies become more versatile, as well. One of the most useful developments in first responder tech support is artificial intelligence. These programs are still in their infancy, but they can still be used for quick data gathering and processing, reducing the amount of time it takes for emergency services to track and respond to situations.

AI programs are also valuable for non-emergency circumstances, like analyzing crime statistics, tracking weather patterns, and checking traffic conditions around an incident zone. With all this extra data, first responders improve their response time, and they know what to expect before arriving on the scene, ensuring they’re better prepared.

In addition to first responder AI technologies, many city services also use predictive analytics and machine learning to source better information on emergencies and crime. Having a computer collecting, aggregating, and organizing this data from tons of different sources means more accurate pattern prediction and new insights into overall trends.

OC Mounts Can Help

Through this blog, we’ve concluded that first responder technology is critical to an efficient response, but accessories and other auxiliary technology cannot be overlooked. From scanner gun mounts and GPS tethers to waterproof wireless chargers, there’s always something that can enhance these essential technologies. Find new ways to increase response success when you shop RAM products at OC Mounts today.