How Laptop Mounts for Police Cars Have Changed Police Work

January 06, 2021

A police vehicle pulling another vehicle over

At OC Mounts, we are proud to sell authentic RAM® Mounts laptop mounts for police cars. Today’s police departments depend heavily on their digital capabilities out in the field, and the vehicle laptop workstation has become a pillar of modern law enforcement. Without continual use of their computers, there are many vital tasks that police officers wouldn’t be able to do, causing delays, inefficiency, and even danger.

It may be a humble metal gadget, but the laptop mount is a team player that greatly aids our men and women in blue. Let's take a look at how laptop mounts for police cars have changed police work for the better.

Strong and Dependable Hardware

Everyone looks for strength and stability in their laptop mounts, but these qualities are critical for law enforcement. Police vehicles are not “soft” environments and the equipment within should be able to withstand rough use.

A good laptop mount makes using a computer out in the field more viable, opening the door to sophisticated digital capabilities in modern police vehicles.

Ergonomic Design Is Key

Laptop mounts for police cars also need to be ergonomic. Officers spend long hours in their vehicles, often reading or performing data entry tasks on their computers. Ergonomic designs can reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries, muscle and joint strains, and other problems.

Any field job — and any first responder job — is going to be hard on the body, but the right laptop mount can help preserve our officers’ bodies, health, and effectiveness.

Careful Design

When designing their high-quality vehicle mounts, RAM® Mounts pays special attention to the three main components:

  • BaseThe base of each mount needs to attach securely to the vehicle. If the fit isn’t perfect, the entire mount — and the attached laptop — will wobble, potentially causing damage. This would be bad in any vehicle, but laptop mounts for police cars require special consideration, as devices need to stand up to harsh accelerations, stops, and turns while remaining accessible and usable at all times. To get the proper fit every time, there are different RAM® Mounts for different police vehicle models.
  • Trays: The tray needs to provide the proper fit and grip. An ill-fitting grip will either cause the laptop to slide around in the mount or pinch parts of the laptop too hard and potentially damage it. Vehicle mounts from RAM® Mounts are well-known for their stability and form-fitting grip that holds a laptop right where it’s supposed to be without applying too much pressure.
  • Pole: The mount pole needs to be highly adjustable, as police officers should be able to adjust the position of their laptops for ergonomics and ease of use. Even the same officer may desire different configurations depending on their task or position in the vehicle. RAM® Mounts builds its laptop mounts for police cars with extensive adjustability, allowing for maximum personalization.

Without these special design considerations, a vehicle mount would simply add to an officer’s stress and workload. A good laptop mount makes itself completely invisible — you don’t have to manage it. It just works.

Find the Right Mounts for Your Police Vehicles at OC Mounts

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Laptop mounts for police cars are changing police work for the better by making officers safer, healthier, faster, and more capable. Looking to find the right mounts for your department’s vehicles? Shop our extensive selection of vehicle mounts, including public safety mounts, or contact us for customer support!