Cool Gadgets for Your Summer Road Trip

June 17, 2022

Cool Gadgets for Your Summer Road Trip

Whether you’re the type to take an occasional summer road trip to visit a national park or an experienced “overlander” that prefers the roads less traveled, what you’ll probably be seeing most is the inside of your car. Don’t succumb to road trip drain! Make sure you have the best road trip car gadgets, including cool phone accessories, charging devices, and more!

At OC Mounts, we want you to have the best road trip possible. Whether you’re looking for gadgets that enhance convenience or keep you safe, we have the top tips. Check out our must-have list of items that could be the driving essential you’ve been looking for all this time!

1. Driving Assistance

For the ultimate in safe driving, you need a car gadget that ensures driver awareness on the road. Driving assistance devices can detect drowsiness, track mileage, geotag your location, record video and audio in high resolution, monitor both the exterior and interior of your car, and even provide an engine diagnosis. If you want to feel safer on the road, explore smart driving assistants that offer more than just a dashcam!

2. Adjustable Phone Mounts

Some of our favorite summer road trip gadgets are the cool phone accessories. You don’t go anywhere without your phone, as it often serves as your main navigation and guide during the trip. Make sure you have the perfect viewing angle on your device with a phone mount for your dashboard. Whether you opt for the RAM Quick Grip or X-Grip, these cool phone accessories protect your precious devices from vibrations and jostling while on all kinds of roads. They also offer tons of other features, like adjustable cradles and viewing angles, easy access to your phone ports for charging and playing music, and easy installation and removal in your vehicle.

3. Radar Detector

When you’re on the road for so many hours a day, sometimes the speedometer is the last thing on your mind. Don’t forget about staying under the speed limit, or the results could be a hefty fine. With a modern radar detector, you get a GPS and police scanner all in one to help you identify locations where you could be caught going a bit too fast. Good radar detectors will also offer notifications when there are changing speed limits, upcoming traffic lights and stop signs, and gathering traffic along your route. We recommend mounting this device on your dash with a GPS mount from RAM to ensure it stays put at all times.

4. Tough-Track™

Suppose you’ve got your driving assistance device, cool phone accessories, and several other gadgets that you need to be within reach while on the road. Overlanders, off-road enthusiasts, and road trippers that just want to take it up a notch will appreciate RAM’s Tough-Track™ mounting solution. These strips can accommodate many types of device holders to keep gadgets secure and accessible. There’s one specifically for Jeep vehicles, as well as generic models available.

5. Smart Cooler

You know what’s literally a cool gadget for your road trip? A Smart Cooler! Snacks and drinks are vital to any long drive and you need to keep them fresh for as long as possible. With a Smart Cooler, you don’t need any ice, and your drinks and cold treats stay cold for longer. Some Smart Coolers even come with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity capabilities so you can monitor and control the temperature in the cooler through an app. Really cool, right?

6. Car Top Camper

car top camper

We love summer road trips because they’re a great way to have adventures while social distancing. For this road trip, consider keeping your distance even more when you opt to car camp with a car-top tent! Skip cold, uncomfortable ground tents and discover what it’s like when you’ve got a view from the top. Many car top campers offer unique luxury features to ensure you can enjoy dimmable lighting and a power bank to charge your cool phone accessories.

7. Voice-Activated Smart Music Player

Looking for a way to keep the music playing? If you love playing music from your phone, you need a voice-activated music player to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. With this cool phone accessory, the music apps on your phone respond to your voice, eliminating the need to look at the screen to find apps, read texts, or change the song.

8. Power Inverter

Getting power while you’re on a summer road trip can be a real problem – especially if you decide to do a lot of camping. Solve this problem with a power inverter that transforms your car into a reliable power source. A power inverter can charge all your cool phone accessories, as well as larger appliances and electronics, like kettles, laptops, mattress pumps, and tablets.

9. Car Kettle

Before you’re ready to head out for the morning, you might want a hot cup of tea or coffee. But if you’re camping or already in the middle of a drive, that’s not always an option! With a car kettle and a power inverter, you don’t have to worry about getting a coffee craving with no coffee shops in sight! Keep a car kettle in your passenger glove compartment and plug it into a cigarette lighter socket or power inverter when you feel the need for a cuppa.

10. Laptop Mount

laptop and phone in car

An extended road trip might mean that you’ve got to work while you’re literally on the road. Make sure your computer is stable and easy to use with a laptop mount that attaches to the passenger side. Get your work done quickly and easily with a mount that stabilizes your computer through road buzz, lane changes, and speed bumps.

Ready to Get On the Road?

With these unique gadgets and cool phone accessories, your road trip is guaranteed to be a blast. Shop your phone, GPS, computer, and tablet mount essentials here before heading out on your trip to get the best quality products available!