Capture Your Next Adventure with Action Camera Mounts

December 08, 2021

hand-held action camera mount

Are you an adventure riding enthusiast? If you’re always on the road with a motorcycle or driving off the road with an ATV/UTV, you probably love getting POV videos of every ride. At OC Mounts, we know all about adventure riding and the cameras you’re using to get the best action shots.

With some of the best action camera mounts on the market, we’re here to help you find the best selection for your needs. Check out our breakdown of the benefits of these mounts, where you should place them, and which ones are best for your car, motorcycle, and ATV!

Benefits of Camera Mounts

Camera mounts are different from any other mount on the market. They’re specifically designed to handle extra-rugged riding or driving. With unique stability features, protective shells, and adjustable arms and sockets, you get better viewing angles and smoother video than you could ever imagine. Many cradles also offer conveniences that are only required for action riders/drivers, like access to batteries while mounted, speaker openings for better sound capture, and lightweight materials that can handle tons of weight.

In addition to the thoughtful design of the cradle, most action camera mounts are also shaped to perfectly fit the contours of alternative vehicles. Whether you need a simple action camera car mount or you want a mount that’s made to fit the curves and ridges of your riding helmet, you need something that’s a little more specialized than average.

Where to Put Your Camera

Depending on what you ride, your camera base could be compatible with any number of vehicles. You could choose to put your mount on the dash or windshield of your car, the handlebars of your ATV, or even your motorcycle helmet. You may want to test out a few different viewing angles to see which one gets the best video capture.

Best Camera Mount Options

RAM® Torque™ action camera rail mount on a boat

Each vehicle type has an ideal action camera mount. Explore our recommendations to discover the best option for your vehicle.

For Cars

When it comes to cars, we prefer keeping our cameras inside the vehicle. Whether you want a dash mount or windshield mount, our favorite is the RAM Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Mount. This mount delivers a durable mounting application for any windshield with an ultra-strong suction cup with a Twist-Lock™ base. The short arm and 1” diameter ball and socket joint is perfect for compact vehicles that still need infinite viewing angles. Even better, you can attach this mount to more than just your windshield to get video from any non-porous plastic surface. It also comes with a GoPro® Hero adapter.

For Bikes

Motorcycles don’t have a ton of places where you can attach an action camera mount. The best place to put your mount on a bike is either your helmet or your handlebars. With the RAM® Strap Clamp Roll Bar Mount With Universal Action Camera Adapter, you get an ultra-secure mount that you can attach to nearly any size handlebars. From a Harley to a Honda, the adjustable strap fits them all!


While we love adjustable straps, the clamping feature on the RAM® Small Tough-Claw™ With Universal Action Camera Adapter can help put your mind at ease while riding on even the roughest terrain. The strong grip ensures your camera won’t budge an inch while recording.

Are you ready to get an action camera car mount or ATV mount? Shop OC Mounts today for the best selection of products!