Enhance Your Efficiency with Forklift Mounts

January 13, 2022

A forklift in operation

Forklift Tablet Mounts, Phone Holders & More

Do you think that your forklifts are running as efficiently and effectively as they could be? If not, there could be a few simple solutions to enhance your operations and ensure maximum performance. At OC Mounts, we’re exploring telematics and other evidence to discover where you should concentrate your time and effort to optimize operations, safeguard operators, and ensure you’re working at full capacity. Learn more here!

Mounts for Your Team

In addition to optimizing your facility layout, cross-training your team, and getting ergonomic equipment, one of the ways you can transform your operations is outfitting your fleet with forklift tablet and phone holders. Holders for your devices have numerous benefits that mean more than you think. Check out our breakdown of these benefits to decide if this simple addition to your hardware is the right choice for your team.

1. Find Versatile Mounts

No matter what devices your operators need to handle, you should have mounts that can do it all. From forklift tablet mounts to GPS, laptop, and phone holders, if your team uses it, you should have a mount for it.

Some operators need tablets, while others only work with phones. Whatever you need to mount in your forklift, you should explore configurations that are versatile enough to change their capabilities in the blink of an eye. Consider the X-Grip® mounts that can accommodate all devices within a certain size range or mounts with universal hole layouts, like the RAM-101U-247-4, to ensure compatibility with many types of cradles.

2. Flexible Installation Options

From RAM® Tough-Claw™ accessories to drill-downs, there’s a forklift tablet mount for every operation. Choose forklift phone holders with suction cups that can attach to any smooth, non-porous surface and shop universal laptop mounts with modular components that can hold any type of computer. Whether you’re using keyboards, barcode scanners, printers, or other peripherals, get a mount that’s designed to hold it in place with multiple viewing angles and minimal vibrations.

3. Optimize for Accessibility

Your team is made up of a lot of diverse people. You’ve got tall team members, short team members, and everything in between. Make sure that all your forklift tablet and device mounts can move, swing, and twist so that anyone on your team can use them! From sliding mount bases to ball-and-socket options, you can combine any number of mounts and accessories to develop the most versatile and accessible solution for your machines.

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Shop OC Mounts for Your Forklift Mounting Needs

OC Mounts is an authorized RAM® retailer, as we know everything there is to know about optimizing your operations with mounted devices. Trust in us to help you find the ideal forklift phone holders, forklift tablet mounts, and forklift GPS grips for your needs. We can make suggestions depending on your applications, specific requests, and much more! Reach outtoday!