Exploring the Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts

March 05, 2021

Man riding a motorcycle

Whether you’re installing a phone mount on your bike for the first or are replacing an existing mount, OC Mounts has you covered. We’re here today to show you our best motorcycle cell phone mounts.

RAM® Mounts are engineered to stand up to the vibrations and other stresses of life on a bike. All models feature near-infinite adjustability so that you can always get the perfect viewing angles. With high-quality fabrication, materials, and coating, you know that you’re getting superior, long-lasting performance in outdoor environments.

Let’s check out the list!

A RAM® X-Grip® phone mount with U-Bolt base

1. RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount with Handlebar U-Bolt Base

The RAM® U-Bolt Base is hands-down the best motorcycle cell phone mount for many motorcyclists. Riders love the U-Bolt for its ability to be mounted almost anywhere on the handlebar rails while still offering a secure grip. Installation is a breeze, with no need to drill holes or modify your bike.

Meanwhile, the RAM® X-Grip® at the other end of the mount will hold your device in place even on rough roads at high speeds.

RAM® X-Grip® with Tough-Claw™ base

2. RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount with Tough-Claw™ Base

The RAM® Tough-Claw™ is another bestseller. This is the best motorcycle cell phone mount for situations for bikes with square or odd-shaped rails. Like the U-Bolt, the Tough-Claw™ is super easy to install — no drilling required.

While most mounts feature a short double-socket arm between the two ends of the mount, there are also mid-length and long arm options available as well. A longer arm not only puts the phone closer to you but gives you a larger range of possible positions for the phone.

The spring-loaded RAM® X-Grip® will hold onto your phone no matter how rough the ride!

RAM® X-Grip® with Fork Stem Mount

3. RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount with Motorcycle Fork Stem Base

If you prefer central positioning or if you want to keep your handlebars clear, the next best motorcycle cell phone mount solution is usually to mount your device on your bike’s fork stem.

Note that this type of mount only works safely for fork stem tubes without a lip at the top.

RAM® suction cup mount

4. RAM® Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Mount

For another option that keeps your handlebars clear, try the RAM® Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Mount. As the name suggests, this mount features a versatile suction cup base that allows you to stick it to any glass or non-porous plastic surface.

Find the Best RAM® Mounts at OC Mounts

That’s our look at the best motorcycle cell phone mount solutions. But there are many other mounts to choose from, suited for many different situations and styles. At OC Mounts, you’ll find good prices and fast, hassle-free shipping. Order now and get free shipping on orders over $25!