Best Heavy-Duty Phone Mounts for Delivery Drivers

February 08, 2021

phone mounted in car cup holder

With COVID-19 making delivery drivers more essential than ever, everyone who spends a significant amount of time in their car or truck must have access to sturdy, reliable phone mounts. With vibration resistance and tons of adjustability, OC Mounts has some of the best mounts available to help drivers stay on track with orders, addresses, and more.

Whether you’re delivering pizza or driving inventory cross-country, check out our roundup of the best heavy-duty phone mounts from OC Mounts.

1. RAM® Composite Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup

suction cup phone mount

One of the best phone mounts on the market, this Twist-Lock™ window suction cup mount features an extra-long arm for added visibility. With an adjustable X-Grip® cradle that fits devices between 1.75” and 4.5”, this is the perfect heavy-duty phone mount for larger phones and phablets.

Installation has never been easier — attach the included suction cup base to any glass or non-porous plastic surface in your vehicle for an extra-strength grip and convenient, hands-free access to your devices.

2. RAM® Handlebar U-Bolt Mount

handlebar phone mount

If you’re making deliveries using a motorcycle, bicycle, or another two-wheeler, you’ll need a heavy-duty phone mount that can stand up to the task. Enter the RAM® Handlebar U-Bolt Mount. Designed to fit handlebar rails between 0.50” and 1.25”, this mount can be easily installed on most motorcycles to provide a secure grip for your mobile devices.

3. RAM® Flex Adhesive Mount

flex adhesive phone mount

If you want a heavy-duty phone mount that can fit anywhere you need it, the RAM® Flex Adhesive Mount has got you covered. With a PSA stick pad base featuring a B-sized ball, this rugged mount keeps your mobile devices within reach whenever you need them. Add this mount to your vehicle dashboard, scooter, or motorcycle to make GPS navigation a breeze.

The RAM® Flex Adhesive Mount takes up no extra space in your vehicle and doesn’t require additional vehicle modifications to install. Secure your phone or phablet with the X-Grip® cradle and you’re ready to head out on the road.

4. RAM-A-CAN® II Universal Cup Mount

cup holder phone mount base

The RAM-A-CAN® II Universal Cup Mount is the ideal heavy-duty phone mount for drivers who need to improve windshield visibility by placing their device somewhere unobtrusive. With a low-profile base that actually fits in your cup holder, there’s nothing better for ensuring you have a comprehensive line of sight from your windshield.

You don’t need to make any changes to your cup holder. Simply slide this mount straight down and attach your phone to a compatible phone cradle, such as the X-Grip® or Finger-Grip®.

Take Your Phone on the Road with OC Mounts

OC Mounts is an industry authority providing RAM® mounts and modular accessories that will keep your devices safe and secure. Browse our selection today to find the perfect hands-free mount for your vehicle, complete with fast turnaround times, premium customer service, and free shipping on orders over $25.