The Best Phone Holders for Semi Trucks

July 26, 2021

semi-truck on a road

If you regularly drive a truck for work, you probably struggle with staying connected to your home base. Whether it’s finding out your route or getting updates on current needs, your electronic devices are essential. From utility vehicles and forklifts to big rigs and dump trucks, a phone is now part of the setup. Make connecting to your team easier than ever when you find the perfect phone holders for semi-trucks, mixers, and more. Check out the top picks of the best phone mounts for truck drivers from the experts at OC Mounts.

1. Floor Mounts

Floor mounts drill directly into the floor of your vehicle to provide an immovable base from which you can check in with your phone or laptop. No matter what kind of terrain you need to overcome, these mounts definitely won’t be moving an inch. We recommend floor mounts for applications that don’t require them to be removed. Installing a floor mount is a little more permanent than sticking a suction cup to your dash. If this sounds like the right phone holder for your semi-truck, you can find floor-mounted options to accommodate phones, laptops, and tablets.

2. Dash Mounts

Dash mounts are probably the most versatile and adjustable options for drivers. These are the best phone holders for semi-truck and utility vehicle drivers that frequently need to get in and out of the vehicle without metal arms, rails, or bars getting in the way. These types of mounts are also easier to install and remove than any other variety.

3. Windshield Mounts

Generally, windshield mounts are similar to dash mounts in that they have a suction cup you can stick to any surface. They’re a good choice if you’re working in an area where the sun can obstruct your view of your device. While an anti-glare screen protector can help with that problem, you can skip out on it completely by mounting your device at an angle that the sun won’t touch. We think these are the best phone mounts for truck drivers who always feel like they’ve got the sun glaring over their shoulder and onto their device screen.

4. Cup Holder Mounts

With a cup holder phone mount, like the RAP-B-299-4-UN7U, you can take advantage of the empty space in your cup holder. You might not have a ton of space on the floor or around your dashboard for a mount there, so use a cup holder mount instead!

RAM® Mounts

dash phone mount in car

Regardless of which type of mount you choose, OC Mounts believes that the top provider of phone holders for your semi-truck is RAM® Mounts. An innovative industry leader in technology support devices, RAM® mounts have tons of unique features that make your work easier. Browse our selection of RAM® options today to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.