How to Find the Best Universal Tablet Holders for Your Vehicle

August 10, 2021

Woman using a tablet in her vehicle

Universal tablet holders make sense over model-specific ones for a couple of reasons:

  • You can use more than one tablet in the same mount, perfect for vehicles with multiple drivers and/or passengers.
  • You probably won’t have to replace the mount if you replace your tablet.

RAM® tablet mounts are the best around, designed for the most demanding conditions on the road, including harsh sunlight, extreme temperatures, sharp turns, and lots of vibration. RAM® Mounts are built to last, easy to install, and made right here in the USA.

At OC Mounts, we’re here to help you find the bestRAM® Mounts for tablets. We stock a huge inventory, including many hard-to-find RAM® Mounts that our competitors don’t offer. We also offer free shipping on orders of $25 and up!

Let’s get started with our top suggestions for how to find the right universal tablet mounts for your situation.


1. Shop RAM® Mounts by Category

If you already know which model of RAM® Mount you want, or want to explore your options, ourVehicle Tablet Mounts page is perfect for you! There you’ll be able to compare different RAM® model lines, including:

If you want to narrow down your search beyonduniversal tablet holders, you’ll also find options here for different tablet manufacturers, like Samsung and Apple.

2. Explore Our Bestselling RAM® Mounts for Tablets

If you want the assurance of going with a product that lots of other people are using in their vehicles, check out some of our bestselling universal tablet holders:


RAM-B-138-UN8U tablet mount for flat surfaces


RAM® Tough-Tray™ II Universal Tablet & Netbook Holder


RAM® Flat Surface Mount With Universal RAM® X-Grip® Cradle For 7"-8" Tablets

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RAM® Tough-Tray™ II Universal Tablet & Netbook Holder

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* Note: Works with many tablets too.


RAM-B-149Z-UN8U U-Bolt tablet holder




RAM® Handlebar U-Bolt Mount With Universal RAM® X-Grip® Cradle For 7"-8" Tablets

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RAM-A-CAN™ II Universal Cup Holder Mount With Double Socket Arm & Universal RAM® X-Grip® Cradle For 10" Large Tablets

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* Note: Fits right into your vehicle’s cup holder!

3. Contact Our Customer Service Team

If you can’t find theuniversal tablet holders you need, or if you just want to talk to a human being right away, our friendly and knowledgeable customer support crew are here to help you find the bestRAM® Mounts for tablets.

Contact us today to get fast, friendly assistance. You can reach us during business hours over the phone, by email, or through live chat.

4. Use Our Vehicle Selector Tool

Need to figure out which mount you need, but too busy to hop on the phone or shoot off a message? We’ve got you covered. If you’re completely unsure which model of universal tablet holder you need, check out our Vehicle Selector Tool. Simply by filling out your vehicle’s year, make, and model, in many cases this tool will point you straight to the correctRAM® Mounts for using tablets in your particular vehicle. Get started now!