Why RAM Laptop Mounts Are the Best

March 29, 2019

Why RAM Laptop Mounts Are the Best

When you need to have your laptop ready at all times, even when you are in your vehicle, you need a laptop mount that is well-built, fits your vehicle, and is easy to use. At OC Mounts, we carry a wide range of RAM Mounts — the best mounts available anywhere.

Shop with us today and see just how great a RAM Mount can be. Our store is always well-stocked and we are ready to ship your order to you as quickly as possible. For every order of $75 or more, we will ship for free. If you represent a public safety firm, a non-profit, or you have a large order you need to make, contact us to learn about our incredible volume discounts. We will always do everything we can to keep your price as low as it can be.

Quality Materials

RAM Mounts are built to withstand years of heavy use. Instead of starting with some cheap plastic, RAM uses powder-coated marine-grade aluminum that will be able to take a lot of movement over years of time without being extremely heavy. Each component is built to fit perfectly with the other components, which means that you won’t have to worry about any part of the mount failing over time.

Built to Fit

We have several different versions of mounts that will fit perfectly into your truck or SUV, including vehicle mounts that require no drilling or any other modifications for your vehicle. This is an excellent solution for anyone who only needs a vehicle mount temporarily or for anyone who leases their vehicle and needs to return it to the dealer without having modified it.

RAM Mounts also move and fold down in order to take up the least amount of space possible when they aren’t being used, which is perfect for anyone who uses their truck or SUV for work and as a personal vehicle.

In addition to the mounts being built to fit inside your vehicle, they are also designed to hold nearly any kind of laptop — from a slim netbook to the thickest, heaviest rugged laptops. RAM knows that their customers work in a wide number of fields, so they built their mounts to be as useful as possible to as many people as possible.

Easy to Set Up and Use

As we mentioned above, we carry no-drill RAM Mounts that can be set up by anyone in just a few minutes without any special tools. This ease of use and quick setup time are only two of the many benefits of RAM Mounts. We know that once you try one, you won’t want to use any other kind of vehicle laptop mount ever again.

Browse our online store today to find a laptop vehicle mount that will work with your laptop and your vehicle. We are proud to be an authorized RAM Mounts dealer because these American-made mounts are strong, reliable, and easy to use. Contact our customer service team to discuss discounts for public safety agencies, non-profit organizations, or large volume orders.