6 Ways to Use a RAM Laptop Mount

December 11, 2019

6 Ways to Use a RAM Laptop Mount

RAM laptop mounts have been trusted for nearly a quarter of a century. Their patented ball-and-socket design absorbs shock and provides a sturdy, dependable surface for your laptop in any terrain. While people often think of RAM Mounts as just being laptop mounts for a car or truck, they actually serve a variety of practical purposes.

1. Use It as a Professional Laptop Mount for a Car

To start with the most obvious use, RAM laptop mounts are commonly purchased by busy professionals for use in cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. If your occupation requires you to drive for a living, a RAM Mount allows you to keep your laptop close at hand while you’re on the road. Because each mount has telescoping poles and an adjustable base, you can situate your laptop beside the driver’s seat and achieve the perfect angle for unobstructed viewing access.

Vehicle mounts are commonly used by a variety of professionals, including:

Because they’re designed to absorb shock and made from premium materials like marine-grade aluminum, they provide protection even in rough driving conditions. This is why a laptop mount for a car is so important if you use your device in your vehicle.

RAM laptop mounts are available in both drill-down and no-drill options. No-drill mounts connect to the existing seat rails of vehicles, so you can install them quickly and easily with no special tools. Just make sure to find a no-drill model that’s designed for your vehicle’s make and model. If you can’t find an exact match for your vehicle, universal laptop mounts are also available.

2. Use It as a Source of Security

Even if you don’t necessarily need a laptop mount, it can be a good way to prevent theft — whether you plan to keep your mount in your vehicle overnight or just when you’re on the job. That’s because many RAM laptop mounts can be fitted with a RAM Safe-N-Secure Locking Kit which holds your device in place and prevents theft.

These locking kits are easy to install. Just attach the locking knob and hardware to your tray, and your RAM Tough-Tray instantly becomes a powerful locking system.

3. Use It as a Remedy for Eye Strain

If you stare at your screen for large parts of the day, eye strain is a legitimate concern. Consider that more than 80% of Americans use digital devices for more than two hours a day, and it’s easy to see why more and more people are suffering from eye strain.

One way to reduce the problem is to ensure that your laptop is always kept directly at eye level. You shouldn’t have to lean or crane your neck to read your screen. Because RAM laptop mounts are fully adjustable, you can easily achieve the precise height, distance, and angle for your needs.

4. Use It for Shared Access

The swing arm is one of the best features of RAM laptop mounts, and it can really serve you well if you work in an environment where you need to share your screen with customers or clients. For example, let’s say that you work as an onsite insurance claims adjuster, and you need to record client information and then ask them to confirm its accuracy. You can easily input the data from inside your vehicle and then adjust the laptop for your client’s review and confirmation.

5. Use It to Make Your Travels More Efficient

Are you planning a road trip? Do you like to explore the countryside by car? Then a RAM laptop mount might be for you. This equipment isn’t just for use on the job. It also makes it easier to unwind on long journeys when you’re braking at a rest stop or pausing to check on important emails. Because carrying a laptop in a car can be awkward and inefficient, a laptop mount can be a real saving grace. It’s like turning your driver’s seat into your own private desk space.

6. Use It for More Than Just Your Laptop

The mount is useful for more than just your laptop. When your laptop isn’t in use, the aluminum tray can be used as a convenient writing surface (just watch out for the hole patterns) or food table. It’s not an ideal solution, but how often do you actually get a flat, stable surface while sitting behind the wheel of your car? When you’re in a pinch, the mount doesn’t disappoint.

Order a RAM Laptop Mount of Your Own

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