How Outdoor Technology Helps You Have Fun While Social Distancing

October 01, 2020

A boater relaxes and drinks out on the open water.

The health experts have been clear: the more people follow social distancing guidelines and public safety measures like mask-wearing, the sooner we can get this pandemic behind us. So we all have to do our part.

But this doesn’t mean we can’t have fun anymore or that we have to stay indoors until this is over. At OC Mounts, we sell awesome outdoor technology that will help you have great experiences in the outdoors while still abiding by social distancing rules.

Our secret? Let the open roads and calm blue waters be your allies. Let’s take a look at our top suggestions for outdoor technology that will help you have fun outdoors in the age of social distancing.

Gone Fishin’

What better cure for life’s stresses than getting out on the water to fish? The solitude of your boat is the perfect place to be alone with your thoughts and just decompress. Some people like to bring a few beers, a book to read, a harmonica, or even their dog.

Whatever your preference may be, when it comes to getting a nice catch you can turn the odds in your favor with a high-quality fishfinder and chartplotter duo—classic pieces of outdoor technology that help you locate fish in nearby waters and navigate confidently.

It doesn’t matter how fancy or simple your boat is: fishfinders and chartplotters will work their magic just the same on a top-end motorboat or a plain little dinghy. But you need to make sure you mount the fishfinder properly, so that you can use it and adjust it conveniently with no risk of the device coming loose or falling.

Check out our Marine Mounts page and search for your fishfinder or other outdoor technology to find the proper RAM® Mount for it, and our Accessories page for finding mounting solutions for accessories like cups.

  • Tip: To practice social distancing on the water, don’t pack your boat with people you don’t live with. If you’ve got a big motorboat you can take a couple friends along with no problems, but don’t crowd it. Instead, keep your group small or have folks come out on their own boats.

Hitting the Pavement

There are basically two types of road trips:

  • You can get out on your motorcycle, truck, or car for a couple hours of pleasure driving. This is great to do alone or with friends -- even in the age of social distancing -- since you’re all riding your own bike or vehicle.
  • You can do a destination trip, like camping or tourism, and turn the traveling time into its own scenic adventure.

Either way, the top pieces of outdoor technology for your bike or vehicle are going to be your phone, computer, or GPS. That way you can look things up, enrich your trip, and stay connected. And, same as with a boat, you’re going to need good device mounting hardware.

Check out our Products Page to search for RAM® Mounts by your vehicle type/model as well as by your device size (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) to find the right RAM® Mount for your setup.

Find RAM® Mounts at OC Mounts

Outdoor technology can help you to have a great time while staying socially distanced, but it needs to be protected against hazards like rough roads, wind, and engine vibrations.

Here at OC Mounts, we are an authorized seller of authentic RAM® Mounts for boats, motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles. RAM® Mounts are high-quality device mounts made right here in the USA. They grip devices like fishfinders and smartphones securely in place while offering the maximum adjustability and convenience.

And that’s how outdoor technology can help you keep your sanity and have some fun during these rough times. So get out there and enjoy yourself!

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