How Electronics Have Changed Outdoor Adventure

March 10, 2020

Two anglers in a boat that needs a fish finder on a RAM marine mount

More and more outdoor sportsmen are turning to RAM® marine mounts and ATV phone mounts to make their adventures better than ever. The great outdoors calls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt modern technology to traditional pastimes. Today’s fishermen, hunters, trail riders, and explorers are using devices to stay connected while getting away from it all and to help them create fuller, more unique outings.

Catching the Limit

If you’ve fished, you know what it’s like to come home empty-handed after a slow day at the lake. Fish finders are becoming increasingly popular as technology allows smaller, more compact units with more capabilities than ever. RAM® marine mounts help keep these devices firmly mounted on everything from small, hobby flat-bottom boats to large deep-water commercial boats that rely on their catches for income.

Filling Your Bag

Hunters love the outdoors, but crowded public lands and encroachment from cities are reducing safe areas to find game. For many, this means finding an out-of-the-way lease or getting further off the beaten track. An ATV phone mount helps keep your device right where you can see it, enabling you to navigate by GPS as you look for the perfect spot to set up your blind, feeder, or game cam. It also makes it easier to contact a game warden, call a buddy to help you haul out the big game, or know that, in the case of an injury, help is only a phone call away.

Exploring Your Favorite Waterways

RAM® marine mounts are designed to help you on any on-the-water adventure, including kayaking down a raging river, floating lazily in a canoe on a secluded lake, or just pulling the kids on their favorite inflatable. This lets you safely mount your GPS to help you find your way to the next port, a fish finder if the need for angling strikes, or a cell phone so you can stay connected to the modern world and have access to emergency services if help is needed.

A man and woman riding an ATV down a trail



Riding the Wild Trails

When your adventures take you into the backwoods, desert sands, or hidden valleys on your ATV, you’re in for a good time. Just like RAM® marine mounts, an ATV phone mount can keep navigation and emergency communication close at hand. Off-roading is fun and exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Having your device ready and accessible is the safer way to explore the wild areas on your own or with a group of friends.

Protecting Your Investment

As more electronics manufacturers work to support this vibrant community, outdoor enthusiasts need more ways to secure and protect their valuable electronics, such as RAM® marine mounts. While a manufacturer’s warranty may cover defects, it usually won’t cover accidental damage, especially if your device ends up at the bottom of a lake or lost somewhere on a forest trail. With replacement costs that can easily rise into hundreds of dollars, it can seem daunting to take this tech into the field, however useful it may be. Rugged device mounts are a must-have to keep your equipment in place and ready-to-use.

RAM® marine mounts and ATV phone mounts set the standard for durability and come backed by a lifetime warranty. We’re proud to offer these American made products and the hardware you need to mount them. Protect your gear on your next outdoor adventure with OC Mounts.