How Vehicle Laptop Mounts Improve Your Productivity

November 05, 2020

police car with automotive laptop mount

Working Out of Your Car

There are a number of industries that require laptops and tablets mounted within their vehicles. If you’re in a career where you need to be working out of your car — like a police officer, trucker, or utility service technician — an automotive laptop mount can improve your efficiency and productivity. Read this blog from the experts at OC Mounts to learn more about how a vehicle-mounted device can make your work easier, quicker, and more effective.

1. Immediate Access to Work Orders

If you’re in constant communication with the home office, you should have easy access to a device in your vehicle. If you’re driving and need to respond to a notification or work order, you don’t want to have to stop the vehicle and dig through your tools to find your tablet or laptop. Make working out of your car so much easier with a device mount that ensures your computer is always within easy reach. With so many options for adjustability, installation, and maneuverable configurations, you don’t have to go anywhere to answer requests for information or gain access to work orders.

2. Update Notes Instantly

Whether you’re sitting in the driver’s seat or the passenger’s side you can instantly update your data without moving when you have a convenient automotive laptop mount. Many of our mounts are designed to be adjustable and rotate as you need them to. Easy access to your laptop or tablet means instant updates that ensure everyone stays in the loop when you’re working out of your car.

3. Easy Removal for Field Work

blue forklift in the snow

Some industries need to be able to remove and insert their devices quickly to take them into the field. A laptop or tablet mount makes this a breeze with specialized designs that include expandable clamping cradles. These ensure your device is secure while driving or working out of your car, but they’re easy to release for instant tablet removal and reinsertion. Jump in and out of your car with your device in-hand — no matter what kind of situation you’re dealing with.

4. Unique Functional Features

Car, truck, and even forklift mounts are developed with enhanced functionality in mind. From socket technology that allows for multiple adjustment angles and articulation of your tablet to risers and extension swing arms that provide unprecedented customization, these mounts offer unique ergonomic and usability features that ensure comfort, efficiency, and control for people who have to work out of any type of vehicle.

OC Mounts is Here to Help

At OC Mounts, we understand what it’s like to have a career working out of your car. Let us help you work more efficiently and comfortably with our massive selection of vehicle mounts and accessories. Discover marine mounts, printer mounts, and much more when you browse our online options.