The Best GPS Mount & More: Top 5 Civilian Uses for Tech Mounts

February 05, 2020

Fishing rods trailing line off the rear of a boat as it moves through the water

A lot of people are searching for the best GPS mount for their vehicle, but why stop there? If you’ve ever stared longingly at the array of gadgets mounted in a cruiser and thought how useful that would be, you aren’t alone. Having a stable mobile platform for your electronic devices is a growing need in our always-connected society. While some of the highest quality mounting hardware may have been pioneered for military or law enforcement use, civilians are increasingly finding a need for it in their personal vehicles, whether it be the best off-road phone mount or a fixed “desk” for their computer.

Mounting Considerations

Rather than the one-size-fits-some stock set-ups found in department stores, the best GPS mount, laptop stand, or tablet holder is generally modular in design. This allows for custom placement in almost any vehicle, regardless of the mounting surfaces which are available. In addition, this also allows for the most versatile positioning to suit the tastes of as many users as possible. Giving users the option of attaching their tech near, far, higher, or lower ensures that they get a more comfortable experience without sacrificing utility.

A boat in rough water needs the best GPS mount to track its location

Why Civilians Are Choosing Mounted Tech

There are plenty of reasons why a civilian needs the best GPS mount or laptop mount on the market. For some, this may be a convenience, but for others, it’s a practical necessity for their hobby, career, or personal safety.

  • Fishing - Fishfinders are supposed to stay in your boat and help you locate fish to catch, not join those fish on the bottom of the lake. These handy pieces of equipment are not only used on small bass boats but can be used in deeper water too. This means they can be equally important to hobbyists and fishermen or guides who rely on their catch for their family’s income. In addition to a mount for their fishfinder, the best GPS mount can be useful to make sure that if they stray into unfamiliar waters, they can find their way back to the docks.
  • Hunting - If you’re tracking game, then you need to make sure your gear is secure. Along with a GPS mount to get them through the backwoods, the best off-road phone mount helps make sure they’re never out of touch with civilization. Mounts can be connected to the handlebars of popular ATVs or in most off-road utility vehicles. This makes sure you always have a communication source handy for emergencies, and in some states, your licenses may even be loaded in an electronic format for easier retrieval. Off-Roading - Some people don’t need any reason to get off the beaten path beyond the fact that they haven’t beaten it yet. Off-road motorsports are popular, but they can also be dangerous. Making sure you have the best GPS mount in your vehicle of choice can help you keep from getting lost (unintentionally). Mounts can also keep your phone ready to call for help in the case of a breakdown or injury.
  • Driving - If the highways are your office, there are several different mounts you may need. A work truck laptop stand may let you keep connected with work servers while parked. Meanwhile, a phone mount can keep you in communication, while the best GPS mount for your vehicle ensures you’re commuting efficiently and saving gas money.
  • Working Remotely - As more and more people enter the gig economy as remote workers, offices can become the passenger seat of a car while on vacation, a riverbank, or anywhere your heart takes you. A secure laptop mount provides a stable working platform and can help secure your valuable computer.

Durable Tech Mounts

When you need to keep your tech gear well-positioned and secured, you need reliable mounts. From professional-grade laptop trays to the best off-road phone mount, we carry a full range of mounts, hardware, and parts with lifetime warranties to fit any application. Contact our customer service team or send us a Live Chat if you need additional information about our products. Order the best GPS mount for your equipment from OC Mounts today.