RAM Mounts for Boats - What Are the Best Fishfinder Mounts?

January 15, 2020

Man operating motorboat on a lake

A quality fishfinder can run you more than a thousand dollars. When you’re out at sea, you definitely want to protect that investment. Letting your device hang precariously off the edge of your boat is out of the question, and a low-quality mount offers you marginal protection at best. Your best solution is a RAM Mount designed specifically for marine GPS and fishfinders. Luckily, there are a number of excellent RAM Mounts for boats.

Why RAM Mounts for Boats?

Fishfinders rely on sophisticated sonar technologies to assess the presence of marine life and provide you with an accurate reading. Without a stable, immobile mounting surface, these devices can’t do their job properly. In addition, when you’re steering your boat, you need a device that’s close at hand without actually being in your hand. RAM marine mounts contain a double socket arm so that you can always have your fishfinder close to eye level.

Marine mounts are designed to keep your fishfinder or GPS steady and stationary even in rough waters, but not all of these mounts are created equal. RAM Mounts are made in the USA with rugged materials like marine-grade aluminum. They’re constructed using a patented ball-and-socket system that absorbs shock and prevents damaging vibrations. They’re quite simply the most rugged mounts on the market, and that’s why the best fishfinder mounts all feature the RAM Mounts logo.

Choosing the Best Fishfinder Mounts

Image of a marine mount holding a Lowrance fishfinder

Not all RAM Mounts are ideal for boats and boating hardware. Some are designed for passenger vehicles, and others for commercial vehicles. When using a fishfinder, you need a mount that’s designed for marine operation. The following are the best fishfinder mounts currently available.

  • RAM-B-111U: This 1” ball mount assembly features a medium-length double socket arm that’s fully adjustable. The marine-grade aluminum never rusts, and the universal AMPs hole pattern allows you to connect a wide variety of marine GPS components, including Lowrance and Eagle fishfinders with a Gimbal bracket.
  • RAM-111U: The RAM-111U is the gold standard for marine mounts. It contains the same rugged construction and design as the RAM-B-111U, but the larger 1.5” ball mount means that the device is able to weather heavier components and more heavy-duty use. So if you find yourself treading deep waters in rough conditions, the RAM-111U is the best fishfinder mount for your Lowrance or Eagle fishfinder.
  • RAM-109HU: Like the RAM-111U, the 109HU is built with a heavy-duty 1.5” ball-and-socket system, suitable for larger devices and the most unstable conditions. However, this device features a Humminbird/Apelco marine adapter base and is specially configured for Humminbird units like the Humminbird HELIX 7. For lighter Humminbird models and less demanding conditions, you might also check out the RAM-B-107U, which features a smaller 1” ball mount and a more cost-effective price point.
  • RAM-D-115-E: If you need heavy-duty mounting solutions for your fishfinder or GPS, the RAM-D-115-E can deliver. A robust 2.25” ball mount and 6.25” electronic mounting plate support large devices up to six pounds. The mounting plate features different combinations of pre-drilled holes for easy installation and versatile compatibility with most major fishfinders and GPS chartplotters, including Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance, Raymarine, and more.

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