3 Ways to Mount a Tablet in Your Car Using a RAM Mount

December 18, 2019

Tablet mounted to the dash of a car

RAM Mounts have revolutionized the ways in which we travel with mobile devices. For a quarter-century, these patented mounts have been securing laptops safely in vehicles and protecting them in the most rugged terrains. Now, more and more commuters are relying on these innovative supports to protect their tablets as well. There are numerous types of RAM Mounts that allow you to mount a tablet in a car, and each is quick and easy to install. If you’re looking for the best tablet car mount, consider the three most popular styles.

No-Drill Tablet Mounts

RAM no-drill tablet mounts feature a foot base and an extra-long mount pole that extends upward from the floor of the vehicle and connects to a secure, adjustable cradle for your tablet. The great thing about these mounts is that they attach to your existing seat rails, so you don’t have to make any modifications to your vehicle.

Just firmly secure your foot base to a seat bolt or nut located beneath the front passenger seat. Then attach your rod or pole and your tray. A typical tablet mount will include an adjustable rod that you can bend to the appropriate viewing angle, so just manipulate it as needed. Installation takes less than five minutes.

Seat-Mate Tablet Mounts

If you don’t always need to mount a tablet in your car and are therefore hesitant to invest in a permanent assembly, a RAM Seat-Mate may be just what you’re looking for. A Seat-Mate is compact, collapsible, and portable. Whenever you need to use it, just unfold it and place it on your passenger seat with the L-bar facing forward. Hook the L-bar into the seat rail beneath, and tighten all of the clamps until the Seat-Mate remains firmly in place. Then you can install your ball-and-socket assembly and attach your tablet tray. This quick video demonstrates just how easy it is to install one of these sturdy devices.

Like most RAM Mount assemblies, the Seat-Mate is fully adjustable, so you can swivel and re-angle your tablet as needed. The unique ball-and-socket design coupled with the marine-grade aluminum construction ensures that your tablet is protected from bumps, jolts, and vibrations and guaranteed to remain steady.

Suction Cup Mounts

Although suction cups aren’t traditionally thought of as being stable, RAM Mounts have brought the technology into the 21st century and designed a suction surface that’s as strong as anything in the RAM inventory. The RAM twist-lock suction cup features a powerful, flat suction surface that’s activated by a lever. Just place the suction cup firmly against any non-porous surface and flip the level to mount the surface. Click here to see a video demonstration.

If you purchase a suction cup mount with a universal tablet holder, you can attach your mount effortlessly to your windshield and secure your tablet using the spring-loaded cable. Like most RAM components, the suction cup mounts are designed using powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum.

It’s Easy to Mount a Tablet in Your Car

Choosing the best tablet car mount is just a matter of personal need. If space is a prime concern, a suction cup mount may be perfect. If you need something especially rugged and you commonly work with your tablet behind the wheel, consider a no-drill option. If you just need to occasionally mount a tablet in a car, consider a Seat-Mate. OC Mounts has a wide selection of suitable tablet mounts, and we even offer free shipping on all orders over $45.

Browse the full selection, and protect your tablet while behind the wheel.