How to Get the Job Done Anywhere With Device Mounts

December 03, 2020

car interior with man’s hand on the wheel

Working from Your Car

Whether you have a career that requires working in the field or you’re choosing to work from your car while traveling, you can get your job done from anywhere with the proper technology and accessories. At OC Mounts, we know all about the gear you need to be successful on the go. Explore our blog today to learn more about working on the road.

1. Stay Connected

You almost always need to be connected to the internet for any job these days. If you’re working from your car, sometimes you can rely on your employer to provide internet access. Many industries, including trucking, utilities, and police, use broadband through their computers for guaranteed connection while on the road. Panasonic Toughbooks, for instance, offer Verizon 3G or 4G Broadband through their laptops.

For those who need to provide their own connection, you can typically tether it to your phone much cheaper than a laptop. Get a good phone plan that has great coverage and allows you to hotspot whenever you need to.

2. Manage Your Power

blue inverter for a vehicle

You don’t want to have to charge all your devices overnight before working from your car or truck each day. While that is one option to maintain battery life on the road, it’s better to get an inverter, so you can work in your vehicle whether your batteries are charged up or not. An inverter connects to your car battery and allows you to plug into however many AC outlets and USB ports are provided on the unit.

3. Find the Right Mount

Cell phone mounts have surged in popularity since device-free driving became mandatory, but there are mounts out there for everything from your tablet to your laptop that make working from your car easier than ever. Look into getting versatile automobile laptop stands and tablet mounts that allow you to work from either front seat while still being able to remove and insert devices quickly when you need to get out of the car and into the field.

4. Get Easily Adjustable Products

laptop mounted in a car

Device mounts for vehicles have come a long way. These days, you can find mounts that have tons of adjustability for ease of use when working on the road. Some of the most advanced accessories have features like ball and socket joints for more viewing angles, swing arms for automobile laptop stands to make working from any seat easy, extra protective cases that prevent scratching and chipping, and even universal drill-down mounts that reduce vibrations and movement that could damage your device.

5. Take Advantage of Vehicle Compatibility

Once you have the right devices and accessories to make working from your car comfortable and convenient, it’s time to consider how the features of your car can enhance your working situation. Do you have a great sound system with Bluetooth functionality? Connect to it for meetings and calls. Does your car have a USB charger? It can also be used to charge any peripheral devices you need instead of relying on an inverter or to integrate your phone with the stereo to ensure your data is accessible at all times.

Ready to enhance your experience working from a vehicle? Shop OC Mounts today to find all the hardware you need to support every device you use!